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4 Signs Your Marble Floors Need Professional Restoration Services in Dubai


27th May 2024 | 1 Views

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The marble floor is a magnificent decoration element that is great for both homes and businesses in Dubai. It refers to elegance and posh, thus giving a beautiful look to the interior. Even then, as time passes, stone floors, no matter how well-maintained, can begin to show signs of wear and tear. An important part of the process is detecting these signs in the early stages and looking for the professional services of Marble Restoration Services to avoid repairs and keep the floors at their top performance. In this blog post, we’ll look at the red flags in our checks that tell us it is time for Marble Restoration in Dubai.

Dullness and Loss of Shine

The brightest light, which makes your marble tiles shine, is probably the first sign that home interior needs professional care. Marble is normally associated with its silky, reflective surface, which, however, fades with time due to foot traffic, spills, and continuous wear and tear. And if you ever feel your previously glimmering, shiny marble floors now appear dull and lifeless, they are a tell-tale sign for you that you need Marble Polishing Dubai. A Marble Polishing Company in Dubai professionals can bring back the beauty of your floors as they were new by making them shine and brilliance.

Scratches and Etching

The most common warning signs to watch out for in your marble floors are scratches and etching. Marble is classified among the soft stones; hence, it can easily incur scratches from heavy furniture, sharp objects, or even small particles of dirt and other debris. Etching is a consequence of acidic solutions, whether wine, citrus juice, or cleaning products, which result in the surface of the marble becoming worn and rough. Although the surface scratch or etching may seem small, they do their job effectively ruining the floors’ general impression and making them more vulnerable to additional damage. Marble Polishing in Dubai is the best way to eliminate minor issues like unevenness or small cracks. It restores the marble floor finish to new perfection.

Stains and Discoloration

The porous marble material makes it very easy to be thirsty by practically absorbing every fluid and substance that can result in stains or discoloration. Frequently encountered items are red wine, coffee, tea, and oil-based cosmetics. If marks, discoloring, or something like that is coming on your marble flooring, it is mandatory to fix those problems immediately. The more time the stain on the marble’s surface is left on the surface, the harder it becomes to remove the stain. Marble Restoration Dubai by a professional will solve even the most matter-of-fact stain without damaging the natural beauty and color of your marble.

Cracks and Chips

Some of the merits of marble, e.g., the development of cracks or chips, may be caused by the large impacts, structural problems, etc. While small splits and chips may seem a minor fault at first, they develop into cracks that become more severe if left unattended. Professional Marble Restoration Services can fill in the gaps and chips, which is a solution that would prevent further damage and reinstatement of the structural integrity of your surfaces.


Like anybody else in Dubai, marble tiles have a number of priceless advantages for any property, but this beauty is a treasure that has to be kept and maintained with daily cleaning. Also, one should take action and try to identify the above signs for timely Marble Restoration Dubai service. Our SAKTEC company was established to deliver the best Marble Polishing Dubai services so that you maintain the beauty and resale value of your floors

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