Everything About Marc Gabelli A Self Made Billionaire

Everything About Marc Gabelli: A Self-made Billionaire!


2nd June 2024 | 5 Views

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Marc Gabelli: A Self-made Billionaire

If you have ever think of being Millionaire or Billionaire just by trading then you must know about Marc Gabelli who is known as self-made Billionaire and king of trading. If you are passionate about investment and trading, keep reading this article.

In this article, I am going to revealing Marc Gabelli Net Worth and How rich is Mario Gabelli? Stay connected with this article to the end where we discuss everything about Marc Gabelli including his lifestyle, wife, profession, education, etc.

Everything About Marc Gabelli A Self Made Billionaire

Who is Marc Gabbeli

Marc Gabbelli, born in 1968, is a self-made billionaire and American legendary investor. He is owner and chairman of Gabelli Assets Management Company which is established in 1990.

Mr. Gabelli has started his investment journey at very young age and currently owns more than 9 companies worth of million dollars. Apart from that he is also owns hefty shares in LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc.

He also offer advisory services, thanks to hai vast experience. Marc Gabelli also known for his philanthropist activities and always become the face of news.

He made substantial donations to the universities like Fordham, Columbia University, Boston University, etc. He is also a regular donator of healthcare department.

Marc Gabelli Net Worth

According to the latest report of January 2024, the estimated net worth of Marc Gabelli is over $2M as he owns the major share (368,377 shares) of LGL Group Inc. He also holds the few shares of GAMCO Inc and this company worth more than 30 Billion dollars.

Gabelli has stakes in a number of other companies in addition to Gamco Investors. He is the chairman of the hedge fund company Gabelli Asset Management as well as the mutual fund company Gabelli Funds.

In his professional life, Gabelli has been a very successful investor and financial consultant.

A number of organizations, notably Barron’s, Morningstar, and Institutional Investor, have honored him for his accomplishments. Overall, he is not just known for his wealth creation but also for his lifestyle.

Marc Gabelli Biography and Family

The early life of Marc Gabelli is quite interesting as he is son of Italian immigrant and bought his first share at just age of 13 years! At the age of 19, he won the scholarship and graduated from Boston University in 1990 and MBA from Massachusetts University.

Let’s get all related details of Mac Gabelli in below table including the Mac Gabelli net worth. These all details are updated to the year 2024:




Mac Gabelli

Birth Date

November 20, 1968

Age (As of June 2024)

55 Years 7 Months


Bronx, New York, U.S


Fordham Preparatory School, 1986

Graduation & Post-Graduation

Boston & Harvard University, 1990


Elaine and Regina Pitaro

Other Family Members

Four Childern

Total Net Worth

Over $2Million (including all assets and stocks)


CEO of Gabelli Asset Management Company Investors (Gamco Investors)

Award and Recognitions

Horatio Alger Award, Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisors, Lifetime Achievement award from the hedge fund association

Education and Career

Marc Gabelli born at Bronx and went to Fordham Preparatory in the school united states. After completing his schooling from Fordham, he completed his graduation from the Boston University in 1990.

Next, he earned a masters degree from the govt funded Harvard University, then perused his Masters of Business Administration from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His early career starts with Lehman Brothers International as an equity researcher straight after completing his graduation. At Lehman, he manage international telecommunications and metals, mining, and metallurgy companies, and later focusing on investment companies.

Having managed fund micro-caps since 1990, Mr. Gabelli specializes in worldwide worth investing, incorporating both conventional and innovative types of assets into his portfolio mandates.

Later on, he worked on various micro and macro-cap portfolios which helped him in wealth creation in later stages. The game of Marc Gabelli net worth started from here when stared his own corporation limited.

Having managed fund micro-caps since 1990, Mr. Gabelli specializes in worldwide worth investing, incorporating both conventional and innovative types of assets into his portfolio mandates.

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Marc Gabelli Net Worth and Holdings

Marc Gabelli is chairman, CEO, and largest shareholder of GAMCO Investors, Inc., formerly known as Gabelli Asset Management Company. The major portion of his net worth comes from GAMCO alone. He is holding significant share and positions in the following companies and organizations:

  • Investment Managers Teton Advisors, Inc (OTCQX:TETAA)
  • GAMCO Investors, Inc. GAMI (OTCMKTS)
  • Associated Capital Group, Inc. (AC:NYSE)
  • Gabelli Merger Plus Trust PLC (GMP: LSE)
  • LGL Group (LGL: NYSE MKT) and Mtron Industries (MPTI)
  • A telecom services businesses of LICT Corporation (OTC:LICT)


This is all about and Marc Gabelli and how much Marc Gabelli earn. You have learned everything about Marc Gabelli from his education, family, career and investment journey.

He is an absolute gem for investment and finance industry and new investors can learn a lot from him. Keep following me, I will soon come with similar personalities that can inspire you.

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