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How to change effectively in life:a step by step guide.


26th May 2024 | 5 Views

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The first stage-disruption.

Everything starts with your hunger for life transformation after a mindful reflection on how useless you have been to yourself and the people you value.The mind transition is not easy to be maintained due to the direct and indirection temptations and distractions that are many and endless to us.Think of the day you got frustrations,stress,sadness and anger over your life and you decide to  start working on yourself over change but the consistency of doing what must be done in the long run until you reach where you wanted to be,becomes hard.

This stage is the master key that will lead  other stages towards a successful change though it is the hard one.The reason why it is hard is that it will be fighting with your comfort zone whereby your normalcy of relaxation will be disturbed.Think of an employee that has been enjoying watching netflix after work and one day he decides to do something rather than his job because of the frustrations at work or thinking about big goals that he wants to get in his life.Due to the continued behaviours that he had got accustomed to,it will be very hard for him to clearly overcome his enjoyable moments.It is the stage where we get numerous regrets,fear and pain over what we do because of its hardness to us since we had not used to it.To become successful over this stage is to surrender for good regardless of the pain,worry and fear that might be experienced.I want you to think about a beautiful woman that got married and she was terrified over the hardness that is in marriage but because of the love that she got on her husband,she endured to live with him no matter how many life uncertainties that might be faced or could have been faced.

The second stage-Adaptation

No matter how hard and painful something might be,if we surrender to stand over it,we will strategize to own different skills and plannings on how we must be successful.When i was young,i admired to work abroad and i was lucky to get a job as i was praying but at the start of the journey at work,i used to fear everyone because of the different races that were there.As time passed by, i decided to start reading and learning everyone whom i could meet whenever i commute because i couldn’t reject the job due to my fear of the people.My goal was to get money that will help me and my family,i had got where to get it,then why i should fear people?- i had to fathom the different characters and behaviours that will help me to suit in this new environment.

The last stage-mastery

This is the level of a breakthrough where there is an exploitation of a growth mindset that is encompassed with a high degree of motivation,inspiration and personal growth.This will force you to start intentionally ignoring many things after having recognized how valueless and useless they are to you.

This stage creates a mind liberation  about life in different areas because you will be at the level where you have assessed the feasibility of numerous strategies and now you have got a clarity on what is working for you on yourself and on you over others.




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