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    From the day I came out, to you, you made sure to say my birth name more. As if an act of relation, it felt like you stabbing a knife into my heart . Not letting me be who i want to be.its clear to see you see the pain you’re causing me on a day to day basis and if not every day then every other day. Maybe I don’t struggle as much as some people do but to come home and know at heart you hate what I want to be. It’s a rope at the end I hope to choke so I no longer feel the pain . I’ll get out of your way! Just leave me alone! A home is meant to be a safe place, security. But thanks to you it is a place of hate where every day I worry about a single mistake. All because I wish for you to love me for me, for me to be Jane and James simultaneously. I’m gender fluid, but you just fluidly hate me.

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