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Dread night (Ogun god of iron). Chapter two


23rd May 2024 | 8 Views

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Chapter two


Moment as my father interact with the guard that came in with the war message, then another guard immediately rushed in looking fidgeted. “Oba, the beasts rulers dare with your people life, they killed seven families in our Kingdom”.

The second guard said in an utter dismay.

“I shall revenge those families, with the king of the beasts rulers head”. My father yelled, spilled out of his throne, he was pissed off, angered like a lion. I only see this side of him in times of war.

“Let us give them the blood they want odun, send a message to the army general, we are waging against the enemies this night”. My father order his personal assistant, as he stomped away. He is heading to his secret chamber, there he call on the gods of war to aid him and I have no order than to fall back to my quarters.


(At mid night).

It far late and I’m finding difficult to close my eyes, my heart kept beating fast. slowly sweat drip in my face. “What is this?”. I thought, wondering why I’m feeling weird signals, I sighed heavily. Try to have some sleep. And I started hearing stamping foots steps heading to my room, flipped over to my axe, stand in position, patiently waiting for it.

“ọmọ ọba, the land is on fire”. I heard my friend Ajayi; said holding a fire torch.

“How is our land on fire?”. I asked, feeling confused. “The beasts rulers, has taken over the palace, more than half of our armies are annhilated by them, there is no time pick up whatever you can and lets go”. Ajayi exclaimed. “Noooo, my father is coming with us”. I affirmed. “My prince, let go, his servants are taking care of him”.

Then I took to pick up few of my things but I see no important ones to take a long, so I grabbed my axe. Take a few clothes carrying them inside a wrapper.

Then we were out of the room, I could see the enemies has stormed the palace, so we have to take hidden routes.


Stopped and turn gazing at the palace on fire. I hope the gods guard my father to safety.

“My prince, let keep moving”. 

I was heart broken, hearing the tears and wail of the people as the ruthless beasts rulers, slaughter there flesh, sprinkling the blood everywhere. What type of a prince am I, running away while my people are in hell.

Tears roll down my cheek as we keep on going.

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