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How to choose a men’s leather wallet


22nd May 2024 | 4 Views

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A wallet for a man is a stylish accessory that emphasizes his image and status, allowing him to keep money, bank cards, passes, and car documents in perfect order and quickly accessible. Sophistication, good quality and practicality are three qualities that a man’s wallet must meet. We have prepared some useful tips for you on how to choose a wallet for yourself or as a gift.

How to choose a men’s wallet: basic criteria

In the variety of models of men’s wallets, you can easily get confused when choosing. To prevent this from happening, define a few simple criteria in advance:

1.    Model

The two most common and convenient types of wallets are:

– horizontal, with double or single fold – has a wide compartment for bills, a compartment with a zipper for coins, suitable for carrying in a trouser pocket, inner pockets of a jacket, coat or jacket;
– horizontal, without folding – a refined and elegant option in which bills do not wrinkle or bend, and there are special compartments for coins, credit and bank cards (you can choose a men’s wallet of this type to wear in a briefcase or business bag);
– “travel holder” wallet – a convenient option for travel, business and tourist trips (there are compartments for money, plastic cards, air tickets, passports and other documents that may be needed on the road);
– folding vertical – a compact wallet with stacked pockets for bank cards, IDs and other documents. The product may have a built-in calculator or notebook, key holder and SIM card clips. Choosing a wallet of this model is an excellent solution for business people, engineers, financiers and managers.

2.    Manufacturer or brand

It’s easy to choose a wallet of classic or exclusive models if you decide on the brand under which the products are produced. Each manufacturer creates collections for buyers of several categories, having previously studied the tastes, characters and other characteristics of representatives of a certain target audience. As a result, models are created that best suit the preferences of specific customers.

3.    Material, style and color

The most noble, elegant, high-quality and durable material from which wallets for men are made is leather, suede or nubuck. Leather wallets are the most expensive products for connoisseurs of impeccable quality and modern style. How to choose a men’s leather wallet so that it harmonizes with the overall wardrobe ensemble? Choose models that match your shoes, gloves, trouser belt, and business briefcase.

A less expensive, practical and versatile option would be wallets made from high-quality leatherette or thick textiles (polyester, nylon and other materials). You can choose a men’s wallet of this type for lovers of a casual modern or sporty style.

How to choose a wallet that will last a long time

Having settled on a specific model of men’s wallet, make sure of the quality of the product. This is not difficult to do:

– check the quality of the seams, the uniformity and evenness of the stitching, the reliability of the lining;
– make sure that the accessories are functional and durable (clasps, buttons, Velcro and holders should open and close easily and securely hold the contents of the wallet);
– carry out a visual inspection (the product should not have abrasions, scratches or other mechanical damage or defects).

How to choose a men’s wallet so that there is always money in it? Give preference only to high-quality, solid, beautiful, comfortable products, which you can easily choose using our advice.

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