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Rise of Ogun, God of iron


22nd May 2024 | 18 Views

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Chapter one

(The rise of Ogun).

I’m Ogun, I reside in an empire call Ile ife, here I was birthed by my mother ‘Yemonja’. Although she is like a fairy tale story to me, I never lived to see her; then she gave birth to me in a war where she was killed by the enemy sword.

“mo gbẹsan julọ fun ẹjẹ rẹ”. I most revenge for her blood, so I said with resentment. My father oduduwa; oba of the land Ile ife, he has been ruling the kingdom for long. He sacrificed some much for the kingdom, I really want to assist him in war times.

That why I’m always melting iron to make weapon for our warriors.

I thought, as I brought out the hot iron out of the fire, shaped it with my bare hands.

“ọmọ ọba nla”. my friend walked in, throwing flatters at me. Though I felt teased by his compliment but, he is my friend; I let him talk casually with me.

“Ajayi, how is your dad”. I asked him. 

“ọmọ alade, he is fine”. He replied, accompanied with smile on his face.

I nodded my head affirmatively.

“Send my regards to your mom”. I added.

“I will my prince”. 

Then he spunned around, going back home.

I felt love whenever I see the smile on my people, I’m ready to sacrifice my life for them one day.


After hours of making spears and blades, I got really exhausted, thick sweat has engulfed my body.

I sighed heavily.


“Father it me your son, may you live long”. I said standing in front of my father, oba.

“It shall be well with you my son, if I the king order to flog everybody inside my kingdom but not my son, sit down at feet”. My father said, and I replied with a smile.

Seated close to him; father how have you been doing. He let out a smile. “I will always tell you I’m fine, but I only know the heavy laden I bare on my back”. He said.

“Father, I want to bear a bit of your laden”.

I replied.

“Ogun, I know you are zealous and capable, but you are too young to deal with the affairs of the kingdom”. My dad affirmed, and I shook my head.

Then a guard rushed in abruptly. 

“Kábíyèsí o!”. He greeted. And my dad raise his staff, telling him it alright.

“King I’m here to pass a war drum message”. The guard utter. 

“Speak, oduduwa love war drums”. My father replied. 

“The empire, call beasts rulers has conspired to take over our kingdom by blood”.

My father replied by laughing. 

“Who say, I shall watch it take place; I and the enemies will be buried on the war ground”.

To be continued.

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