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End of her secret demons


21st May 2024 | 2 Views

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“Culprit called miss helen, whom murdered a tax collector, killed her inmate last night”. A news reporter, said on the tv.


I’m hold up into the transport van, which I will be transported to another prison, there I will serve my final execution. The cops roughed me into the van. And handcuff knot on my hands. Sooner I will be executed by the law. 

The van engine got started, and two cops went in with me. The van driver; let in the gears and we were on our way.

I kept groaning, glaring at the officers. After I put down my anonying inmate, I found out a key, which I thought might be an handcuff master opener. 

I brought it with me inside my mouth all this time, slowly I was spitting it out. Then it was out, struggle for it to get to the handcuff, and it was like a magic show, when the handcuff let opened. My hands are free without the officers knowing it, make a soft smile on my face.

Suddenly attack one of the cops, struggle to choke him while the other one try to get me off.

He brought out his gun, aim endlessly at me but was hard to target. Abruptly he let out the shot which his colleague took the bullet.

It was traumatizing for him and I grabbed the Chance, grasped his gun from him. immediately blow off his brain.

Alongside with the driver head, all three of them are dropped dead.

This is a happy achievement for me, hail to the demons. I thought.

I steer the van riding it to another direction.

 Then in a moment everything become fetal, a truck is just in front of me, I had no time to escape, we both collide.

The truck rule over the van by smashing a part of it, also while the van got swayed into the forest.

As the van crashed land, I groaned in pain; with blood sheds from my mouth, and different injuries included.

“Nooooo”. I yelled, as I was stuck, I strive to pull myself out before the cops got here, then I saw my legs cut off.

“Shit”. gazing at my bleeding laps with no leg attached. Those clans are on their way, I could probably hear the sounds of their sirens flooding in.

“I got no time for those fuckers”. I said, taking the gun and immediately take the shot on my head.

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