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Is Self Evaluation Important ?


20th May 2024 | 30 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This post was created by me around a year ago on LinkedIn platform. This post got lot of appreciation and people reached out to me to write more. So starting that bit again by presenting my thoughts here.

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Self Retrospection & Evaluation is something which I strongly believe in and have been doing.

It’s something that we all have done at least once a year, maybe during the annual review. But if you ask me, I would suggest folks to spend at least couple of hours every 3 months in self retrospection & evaluation. It can help you understand your strength & pain points, setting & achieving goals and above all builds your confidence.

Here are few things that I’ve found helpful to reflect on : 

  • What’s the new thing that you learnt or tried ?
  •  What are the areas of improvement ?
  • What did you do well and should continue doing?
  • What should you do less of or stop doing?
  • Where you are with respect to your target set?

As John Dewey said “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.”

Start today. 

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Pramod N



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