The End.


19th May 2024 | 2 Views

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A strong emotion, indeed. 

They say dead people receive more flowers than the living ones. 

Why? Because regret is stronger than acceptance. Guilt is not something that fades away with time. It stays. 

It grows on you. 

Until it starts flowing like blood in your veins. 

It was deeply instilled in me as well. Implanted so deep, that I could feel its presence with every breath I took. That heaviness in my chest that just couldn’t be shaken off, that constant knots turning in the pit of my stomach which just kept getting more tangled than ever. 

Guilt is a strong emotion indeed. But is it strong enough to drive one to its end? 

I regretted quite a lot in the limited amount of time I spent in the seemingly harsh world. But there was this one moment when the regret had consumed my entire being. And there was no introspection involved. 

The aftermath was instant and so were my emotions. I knew it was the biggest mistake of my life no matter what I compare it to. 

I knew it the moment I took a step off that building of twenty-two floors. 

I knew this was a mistake when I lost my balance. 

I knew I hadn’t lived enough, if at all, as I felt the strong wind opposing my weight. 

The gravity called me close, soon. 

Too soon. 

I truly lost. 

I gave up. 

And that is what I regret the most.

Vanshika Sharma



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