Vintage Leather Jacket

5 models of leather jackets that only provincial women wear


17th May 2024 | 3 Views

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We are preparing for the new season and protecting ourselves from mistakes.

Leather looks have literally taken over the fashion catwalks. Different styles and colors, total black looks, leather in combination with fringe and even feathers. It seems that leather, almost on a par with denim, has decided to regain its rightful place as a leader.

Leather jackets are an all-time must-have, and we have collected outdated models so that you do not accidentally add to your collection of fashion failures. We share secrets on how to properly style even the most anti-trend item. And for the bravest ones, they talked about how outdated models can be replaced.

Very bright skin

Whatever the cut and style, very bright colored leather will make your look as cheap as possible. Colorful outfits remain popular, but this does not apply to leather jackets. Put such things aside until better times.

An excellent replacement option would be muted colors – classic black, dark and deep natural shades. Here’s what you need to focus on in 2023.

Narrow and form-fitting jackets

The main problem is that they are very uncomfortable – the jacket restricts movement and the sleeves constantly ride up. We choose leather jackets that you can wear, for example, a warm sweater under, and there will still be room – the main thing is to be comfortable. If you are tired of hypersize, choose jackets that have volume in the shoulder area.

Ultra-short leather jackets

The variety of styles gives free rein to choose and imagination. The recent trend for ultra-short leather jackets has faded into the background. The problem is no longer in the thing itself, but in the ways in which it is stylized. Wear such a jacket with wide jeans or parachute trousers, choose trendy shoes – you will get a very modern look.

Short sleeve jackets

3/4 sleeves on a biker jacket are very impractical. Firstly, in cold weather it will not warm you up, and secondly, it will hinder movement. The sleeve on a modern biker jacket should be loose and long so that, for example, you can roll it up yourself or pull it closer to the elbow.

Abundance of decor

Embroidered floral patterns are a thing of the past, but this year they are joined by an abundance of sequins and designs. Here, by the way, you can get an old vintage or distressed jacket – you will definitely be the center of attention.

Custom jackets with patterns, spikes and rivets sparkled with new colors at fashion shows. The main thing is that such decor should be in moderation.

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