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Chaos mind

16th May 2024 | 2 Views

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Cold shivers spring through my spine, I endlessly wail and yell for aid. The noisy voices kept on distracting me from reality. Not myself even everybody around me see me as normal. My red demons which are savage as their master, scold me every time to blow off some random skulls. allergy to blood, I hate when I’m craving for it. damn someone save me from this dismay. throttle to my left side, pulling out vodka, sprang it opened. greedily gulped everything. 

‘coughed’. severally, yelled out loud while wide eyed open. glaring at the fierce beast standing right between my eyes.

roaring so bad, I knocked off my body, felt like lead. 

everything went blank not until I was brought back by the sound of shattered glass. peeled myself up from the floor, drown in my tears. 

This is the chaos world build inside my mind.

Jasper Gate



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