Pub 9. Poem 8. Essentials Animated

Essentials Animated: If Our Everyday Things Were Not Lifeless

Aniruddha Paul

16th May 2024 | 2 Views

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Amid the dancing waves of daily life

Could you ever stop to notice

The incredibly enormous stillness of the water

Maybe if the clock stops, you wish


While rushing with your dripping sweat

Did you ever not miss

The silence around out of all things lifeless

Watching your hurriedness


For once would you want

If they could speak, laugh or cry

And add to the festival of life

With no intention to remain dry


Would you improve in caring

For all the furniture and utensils

Walls and doors and even the window panes

Clothes and books and sharpeners and pencils


Would you wonder how they’ve been?

What do they feel and what would they need?

What are they thinking when aiding you?

Where did they come from and are going to?


Would you thank them for their usage?

Would you want to give them back?

Would you discard when they are decayed?

Would you throw a party when they’re remade?


Write a song, make a statue

Narrate a story, share a lesson

Polish or repair to prolong existence

Or just sell online with second-handedness


How would you share the world

With these objects and items

Where they can express themselves

Debating scholarly or play some games



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