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Secrets to a happier life : : understanding what can make us happier and why*

15th May 2024 | 5 Views

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*Secrets to a happier life : : understanding what can make us happier and why*

The great quotes about happiness

*”Happiness depend upon ourselves”—-Aristotle

* “Happiness he is not something ready made it comes from our own actions”. —– Dalai Lama

When I feel sadly I am always remembering these  quotes

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Many thing occur in our immediate surrounding most of them are behind our control and don’t go as you had expected.

Pick your fight carefully one  competitor at your time.# joy and come as we all know that there is no #pleasure in measuring ourselves with others #comparing .

 Investigating ourselves is the key to #happiness.

Understand yourself #choosing to let  the world think about you instead of #worrying about what it thinks of you.

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Happiness is like a jor something that may be #share but not exchanged.   It is an individual #experience.

 There is only happiness within you.

It cannot be found outside of you. you have to #create it yourself

Avoid putting the jar in someone and as they might drop it.

As happiness should be in your hand.

 People  will define their happiness in different views.

Someone find happiness in, helping and being# alone,  #doing their work, etc. .

Some basic Funda of  happiness

*Happiness is with you  don’t have to go places to search happiness.

*Happiness is in smiling and laughing

* No comparison no expectation and less attachment are secrets to happiness.

*#Positive #attitude our lives is biggest secret of happiness.

Happy isn’t influenced by anyone or anything You and the decisions you make are the only factors that affect happiness.

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You might discover that you’re happier if you pursue your hobbies and# passions, build good #relationships, practise self- #care and #mindfulness, and adopt a growth mind set.


#kindness,# joy, #sympathy, and thankfulness these are the 4 keys to Happy in life.


 Happiness gives everything  to you. Don’t  hate anyone love all and# love yourself.  Don’t  focus on negative.   search goodness in people instead of bad.

 If you  share happiness to everyone happiness will come back to you.   





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