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Feels so good -A novel by a girl on a girl

15th May 2024 | 3 Views

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Chapter 1: the introvert

Riya sat in her college hostel room, a dimly lit space she shared with her roommate, Regina. She gazed at the blank pages of her diary, “Rinky,” her mind consumed with thoughts of her dream best friend, Sachin. Believing in the law of attraction, Riya’s life was often guided by her thoughts and dreams

As she was lost in her thoughts, a sudden call took her back to reality. “Riya!” exclaimed Regina, her voice full of concern. “Why are you always feeling lonely and staying in? It’s a new place; don’t let your introversion hold you back. Come out and make some friends!”

though Regina cared for Riya deeply and wanted to be her friend, Riya’s introverted nature made it challenging for them to connect. It had only been a few weeks since college began, and Regina hoped that given time will change Riya

The next morning, Riya woke up at 5 a.m., following her daily routine of exercise before preparing for college. The classes went, as usual, the interesting but repeating classes filled her day. After college, Regina invited Riya to go shopping together, but as usual, Riya politely declined, preferring the silence of a nearby bookstore.

In the bookstore, Riya’s only friends were her diary, “Rinky,” and the books that are arranged on the shelves. As she dived deep into her favorite friendship story, a cheerful voice interrupted her thoughts. Riya looked up to see a boy with a big, vibrant smile. It was Sachin, the person she had dreamed about.

“Hi, I am Sachin!” he said enthusiastically. “I’ve noticed you here often, and today I thought I’d say hello. I’m a college student, studying at REC College of Engineering. I’m an extrovert who would love to be friends with an introvert like you!”

Riya was taken aback by his energetic introduction, but her heart swelled with joy. “Hello, I am Riya,” she replied with a warm smile, feeling a sense of familiarity as if she had known Sachin all along.

Uninterrupted by her short introduction, Sachin took the chair opposite Riya’s and started a never-ending stream of questions. He chatted animatedly, asking about her interests, her favorite books, and her thoughts on life. Riya, still in her introverted mode, answered him in her characteristic one-line responses.

Their first meeting was like a Q&A session, with Sachin doing most of the talking and Riya offering brief answers.

As the evening arises, they parted ways, each carrying a sense of excitement about the other. Riya returned to her hostel room, her mind filled with thoughts of Sachin. Suddenly, she remembered that he mentioned studying at REC College of Engineering, the same college she is studying

 Sachin was not just a dream; he was real and present in her life. She felt foolish for not recognizing him sooner and for not noticing the signs of destiny bringing them together.

Late at night, Riya held “Rinky” close to her heart, feeling gratitude in her soul. She started writing about her newfound friendship with Sachin, and how her thoughts had manifested into reality through the law of attraction. She had dreamt about him, and now he was here, a real part of her life.

After their first meeting, Sachin couldn’t help but he was very curious about Riya, As he walked away from their conversation, a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions surrounded his mind. He found himself constantly reflecting on Riya because he never met a person so reserved, his life before was only surrounded by exciting and energetic people, but he felt lonely in that big crowd too, when he first saw Riya, he felt like he know her very long before, but something always struck his mind whenever he thought about her, that is something is there under this shy and introvert face, which he couldn’t able to figure it out

The next day, Riya couldn’t contain her excitement as she prepared to meet Sachin again. Regina noticed the newfound glow on Riya’s face and asked with curiosity, “Dude, is there something you want to tell me? You seem very excited today!”

Riya managed to cover her excitement, replying, “No, nothing out of the ordinary. Just another usual day for me.” She hid her emotions, but her heart danced with joy at meeting her dream best friend once more.

Regina and Riya left for college together, but this time, Riya seemed, eagerly waiting for her reunion with Sachin. As the classes concluded, Riya bade farewell to Regina and made her way to the bookstore, determined to meet Sachin.

However, before stepping in, Riya hesitated. She told herself, “Riya, he may be your dream best friend, but you’re an introvert, and you don’t need to force yourself into anything.” Her excitement vanished, and she began to feel her usual introverted self.

Inside the bookstore, Sachin sat in the same chair as before, a warm smile on his face. When he saw Riya, he greeted her with the same energy, but Riya greeted him with a shy smile.

Sachin continued to talk, sharing stories from his school life and friends, giving Riya a wealth of advice about extroversion and introversion. The evening unfolded much like the previous one, with Sachin’s continuous talking and Riya’s reserved replies.

As Sachin observed Riya, he couldn’t help but notice a certain change in her appearance. She seemed different, more herself. Her shy smile had transformed into a genuine one, and her eyes sparkled with a newfound warmth. Curiosity arose in Sachin’s mind, making him eager to understand the reason behind this transformation.

As they continued their conversation, Sachin couldn’t resist the urge to dive deeper into Riya’s world. Sensing a genuine connection between them, he leaned forward and asked in a gentle tone, “Riya, I can’t help but notice that you’re different now, more open and comfortable. You seemed reserved before, but today, it’s like I’m talking to a whole new person. Can you tell me what changed?”

Riya felt bad for her poor disguise and she took her diary out placed it between them and she said, ” I have a story to tell you”

Sachin in confusion sees Riya with his widened eyes…





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