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get out your fear

15th May 2024 | 1 Views

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we are a human and like everyone we also have emotions.

emotion can be anything ,it can be smile, anger  ,shame or fear.

now we will talk about fear. 

fear can be anywhere or anything . it can be a pin ,darkness or a bomb or most people fear ,” fear of death” . we all have faced fear sometime on somewhere. we feel the fear and  we get sweat which is normal . we also feel uncomfortable and heavy. we also feel danger in that situation . we needs helf in that time but no one lives there for you. 

people says dont be feared ,that is just imagination in darkness  when there will be no one but we know that whenever i go into darkness i will feel scared. people just say dont scared but they dont say to how to overcome fear and cant feel scared again.

its just an emotion and when we feel scared our breath rate also decreased. so, what we have to do is we take deep breath in that situation as much as possible . which helps you to take control of your emotions and mind and helps to overcome or defend your fear.

Akhilesh pandey



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