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Too late

15th May 2024 | 1 Views

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Wanted to profess my love to charity.

That same night I saw myself riding

In the carriage of death; through shadows

of heart piercing arrows. They stabbed me through my heart. 

Bleeding profusely, but I wish I was given the chance to tell her I love her. I would embrace death joyfully; over the heels she cry over my body. Just forget about me and move on i sent the winds wishpering in to her ear.

Each day I gaze at her gracing smile I was pushed down my heart to meet her and hold over her hour glass and look into her eyes as I spat how beautiful they are but I was the shy guy, my greed let me forsake my feeling’s.

It then this night, I’m about to drive my feeling’s with her. I got crushed by a car, my ribs went pieces. 

I wail regretfully, seeing is to late to love her. 

Jasper Gate



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