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How to choose the best golf bag?


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First you need to answer the question of what the golf bag will be used for. You can carry it on a cart (cart bag), carry it on your back and rest on the legs (stand bag), have tournament equipment in it (staff or tour bag), travel with it to a distant golf course, it can be suitable for playing in any weather, you can pack shoes, balls or a set of clothes in it. It is clear from the list of options that you can have several bags.

Who is the best pencil bag for?

A beginner golfer usually doesn’t have much equipment yet. Golf clubs are difficult to carry in a backpack. That is why it is advisable to get a pencil bag with legs. Later, you can use it occasionally for practice, on vacation, playing in the winter, or on trips to other golf courses.

When do stand bags hit the bullseye?

Stand bags are chosen by golfers even before a golf cart becomes part of their equipment. You can carry this bag on your back or shoulder and rest it on the legs during the game. In this position, it is slightly tilted, and sticks are easily removed from it and put back in.

The best stand bags not only have comfortable and wide handles and straps, but also padding at the point of contact with the back. The soft breathable material makes wearing the bag comfortable and significantly reduces sweating at the point of contact between the body and the bag.

How to choose a cart bag?

Even the best leather golf bag will be a nightmare if it doesn’t fit well on your cart. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a bag together with the cart or get a model that is compatible with the carts that can be rented at the golf course.

Which tour bag is optimal?

A great tournament bag can hold not only equipment, but also extra clothes and a supply of drinks. It must work as a perfect organizer. Only an adequate number of pockets, the size and construction of which will be adapted to the content (eg thermally insulated pockets for drinks, secure pockets against impact for mobile phone and glasses), will allow the player to have an overview of his equipment and be able to fully concentrate on the game. The tour bag must have a solid construction and comfortable handles. A bag with cargo can weigh several tens of kilograms.

Practical travel bag

The travel bag or packaging resembles a larger golf bag. In its interior there is a place for an ordinary bag and other things. A solution that includes separate pockets for shoes is practical. Such a cover serves to protect the golf bag during transport and to reduce the amount of luggage. These bags can be found in the Real Leather Garments online store. The cover must be storable and reinforced with inserts in places that are prone to penetration.

To the English weather? Waterproof bag only!

Golfers who are convinced that rain is not a reason to interrupt play will certainly appreciate a waterproof bag. Thanks to it, things for changing clothes won’t get wet. The water resistance of the bag is ensured not only by the waterproof fabric, but also by the waterproof seams and zippers.

Bags for shoes, balls and other things

What to do if you want to take drinks bottles to the golf course on a hot day? How to transport shoes after a game in rainy weather? What to pack balls that don’t fit in the bag? These and other items can be stored in specialized bags available at any good golf equipment store.

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