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Top 15+ Interview Questions Answered Asked In SAP HR Interview

14th May 2024 | 4 Views

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional, preparing for an interview can be helpful for your career journey. It can enhance your chances of getting selected as a professional or somehow kickstart your career journey if you are a student in the SAP HR Course and currently studying.

SAP for HR (Human resources) is pivotal for managing human resources efficiently. In this post, we will be answering the top questions asked in SAP HR interviews.

SAP HR Fundamentals (Beginner):

1.  What is SAP HR?

SAP HR is a module of the SAP ERP system that specializes in HR processes such as payroll, personnel management, and organization management, therefore; it is the one that enhances the efficiency of the organization.

2.  Describe the main components of SAP HR.

SAP HR is made up of Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Time Management, and Payroll, which are the distinctive HR functions.

3.  What is an information type and how is it employed to save the employee data?

Info types are structures that have the type of data that an employee uses for his/her work, such as personal details, job history, and salary information only, thus, the data is organized.

4.  What is the concept of Organizational structures?

The organizational structures in SAP HR, which, as the name of the system implies, determine the reporting lines, hierarchies, and departments, are of great help to management, as well as to the process of the workflow.

5.  What are some of the typical HR transactions that SAP HR handles?

HR transactions in SAP HR are hiring, promotions, salary adjustments, and terminations which makes HR operations highly efficient and automated.

Sap Hr Training

Data Management and Configuration (Intermediate):

6.  How do you manage and keep employee data in SAP HR up to date?

 The data of the employees is being modified by transactions like PA30, which thus, allows the changes to be made in the personal, organizational, and payroll information.

7.  Comprehend the steps of the data migration from the old system to SAP HR.

Data migration is the process of extracting data from the old systems, cleaning, mapping and then uploading it to SAP HR using tools like LSMW.

8.  What information on time management is there and how they are applied for keeping track of working hours?

Directors of time management time data types collect working hours, absenteeism data, and other time-related information for employees, which will be useful for the process of accurate payroll processing.

9.  Disclose the various ways for the registration of employee time in SAP HR.

Time can be recorded either manually, by the time clocks or by a computerised system like CATS (Cross-Application Time Sheet), thus, making sure that the time is recorded accurately.

10.  How can you set up the workflows for the automation of the HR processes (e.g., the sending of HR-related messages, the blacklisting of personnel etc.) approvals)?

The workflows are arranged with the help of tools such as SAP Business Workflow, specifying the approval paths and the triggers for HR processes to make efficiency and compliance better.

SAP HR Processes and Functionality (Intermediate):

11.  What are Personnel Actions?

Personnel actions are HR processes such as hiring, promotions, transfers, and terminations that take care of the employee’s lifecycle events in a systematic manner.

12.  Explain the way SAP HR helps in the process of managing compensation and benefits.

SAP HR is responsible for compensation through the managing of wage types, salary structures, and benefit administration, hence, the establishment of the compensation programs is done fairly and transparently. 

13.  Are you able to set up and operate the payroll in SAP HR?

Payroll configuration is the activity that comprises setting up wage types, tax calculations and payroll schemas, which is followed by the processing using transactions like PC00_M99_CIPE.

14.  What are the various reporting tools that are available in the SAP HR and how are they used?

There are many tools you learn in a SAP HR Course, tools that facilitate reporting such as SAP Query, Ad Hoc Query, and SAP BW assist HR professionals in creating different reports on employee data, payroll, and organizational structures. 

Advanced Topics and Integrations (Advanced):

15. What are the SAP Learning Management System (LMS) and its features?

SAP LMS oversees the training, certification, and competency assessments of the employees, thus, it helps in the improvement of their skills and development.

16.  What is SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HCM suite that comprises modules for talent management, performance management, and recruitment that integrate with SAP HR for ease of data exchange.

17.  What are the measures for protecting data and fulfilling the regulatory requirements in SAP HR?

Data security in SAP HR covers role-based access control, data encryption, and complying with regulations such as GDPR and SOX which are all the requirements to protect sensitive employee data.


Whether you are a student in an SAP HR Course or a professional working somewhere, these questions would have been helpful for you to gain basic knowledge of SAP HR.

If you are none of the above, a Course in SAP HR can be quite easy, beneficial and budget-friendly for you, since SAP HR Course Fees are very easy on pockets. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol today!

By mastering these questions, you’ll exhibit comprehensive knowledge of SAP HR, impressing potential employers with your problem-solving abilities and adaptability to complex systems.

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