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13th May 2024 | 7 Views

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Hey ,hello  yes, I am real person.

My name is Akhilesh pandey.

Nice to meet you all. How are you ?.I hope you are fine.

I want to introduce myself first ..

My name is Akhilesh Pandey. I am part time writer .l love writing because it helps to express your inner beauty.

Writer is also my big part of carrier . I choose writing because it helps me in lot of things like , which I can’t tell or sometime I don’t have dare to talk to anyone or tell anyone,I just write .

It helps me to show my words through written .
Mostly topics which I  choose to write that is about movies beauty and their cons and pros because I  like to watch movies and the thing’s  which I  notice in movies ,want to express my opinion to other’s  but don’t have partner’s to listened so, I  choose to express my views through written.

Some other topics which I  liked and also written sometimes that is , about human nature, emotions, understanding the world , great laws life.

My  goals

I have so much dreams but i am trying one by one . First success in this field than in other field.
As a writer I  have a many goal some is my personal but also to help people’s .

•    To serve a good environment 
•    Help new writers to grow 
•    Express myself
•    Earn money

Akhilesh pandey



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