Princess bellina 👸& prince bellamite🤴

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotRinging of bell is such a joyful and delighted sound. but do you know that ringing of bell is due to some small little #folks Who live in the bells 🔔. And they sing the joyous song when the bill is ring.

in a very glorious kingdom, there were two bell files. Each has a very big bell inside it and one of the bell  rings whenever  any 👸 princess is born in the kingdom and the rings when the prince 🤴 is born in the kingdom .
since many years in this kingdom only the 🤴 princes were born no one princes has born in this kingdom so the bell for the princes was not rung for  so many years and the bell Folks of this bell were  not happy with this situation .they decided to move from this bell 🔔 and to move where there was a need of ringing the bell.  
They put a sign on the bell file.  
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and These bell folks  moved to other Bell Files, some of them went into the school bells 🔔 and some of them went into the rattle of the babies .
like the good bell folks, there were some villain bell folks too. They were very lazy and they used to sleep for all the years. They didn’t like this that somebody should ring the bell all the time they used to sleep inside the bell one day a peon went to the school in the night time. His small son was with also with him. He went there to take some thing from the school which he left in the morning. Little boy wanted to To ring the bell His father asked him not to do so because it was a night time and it was totally odd time to the ring the bell but he did it.  
Some of the #villains folks were sleeping inside this file. They woke up and started getting angry that who rang this bell in this time .they moved from there and started to search for some bells which were not used for years .
while their searching they reached into the bell of the kingdom where the bell file was not used for years and a good folks put a sign on it .they read that sign and got happy that for 20 years this bell will not be rang .

 soon soon after 2 to 3 years, there came a happiness in the kingdom  a princess was born and finally the bell that was assigned for the princess birth was rang.The princess 👸 name was Belinda .the villain folks got angry. They came out from the bell and decided to see that princess because of that there sleep was disturbed in the night time they went into the palace through the window and reached at the #cradle of the princes and they curse the princes that  
if the princes will see anybody except Sunday then that person will be suffer from a severe 🦠 disease only the princess can be okay on Sunday “.  
Years has passed the princess was growing but she has to keep a # veil on  her face all the time in all the days of weeks except Sunday because  if somebody come  to her for giving lunch or  the breakfast. That  gets sick.
princess was very  day she was standing in her window at the night time she saw a bat 🦇 it was hurt. She kept the bat 🦇 in her hands tap her head slowly with love and cleaned  its wound and bandaged it .
the bat  sad you are such a nice and kind princess ,👸 princess bellinda was very surprised that how a bat 🦇 can talk.
bat said don’t worry you can hear me because only the kind hearted soul can hear the animals and you are one kindhearted girl .  Princess 👸 was sad she said that No I am not kind because of me people get severely sick. I am so unlucky for this kingdom . 
I know you are cursed said the bat 🦇.
I have seen the villain folks one day when they came into your room and I was hearing what they were talking to each other. They have cursed you that  
“any body who will see you on any day of the week will be suffered from a severe disease  except from Sunday “  
you have to go and try for removing this curse princess 👸  bellinda was very happy to know this that finally she knew the reason fir all this bad luck.

on the next morning she met the king and he and she told him that she is cursed by the villain bell folks  and now she has to go and find the way to remove this curse.
the king said no I will send the soldiers with you. You can’t go alone, but the princess said no father I have to go alone for this cause because it’s my # destiny.

so the next morning the princess 👸 started her journey during her journey. She met with witchcraft and wizards and fortune tellers to ask about how this curse can be removed but nobody knows that how this curse can be removed.
One day she was sitting in the cave she heard a sound she took out his sword and said loudly who is there? I will kill you with my sword whoever is this , come in front of me then all of a sudden a prince 🤴 came in front of her and he said to the princess 👸.
no no princes don’t kill me. I am the Prince Bellamite .i am the cursed person a bad fairy has given me a curse when I was born that  
if I will see somebody on Sunday then by seeing my face he this person will be unlucky for whole of the week “.
this bad ferry has cursed me  because my parents has not invited her for my naming ceremony . this curse can only be removed if I will hear the sound of hundred bells for 20 minutes and it seems to be impossible because how can I find 100 bells and I tried in my palace 10 bells were ringing in front of me I cannot tolerate the sound of the bell for  about five minutes so it’s very impossible that my curse will be removed but I came out from the palace to try my luck .
the Princess Belinda said that is a very nasty  curse but the princess said yes but what can I do for that? It is now my destiny but I came out from my palace to know how to break this. princess said we both are having the same problem so why should notyou join me so that we can find someone who can break our curse. so they have started their journey. The princes sat in the horse of the prince and they started to go .

when they were going, they saw a cow as she was #grazing the grass. Her bell in the neck was ringing and because of her bell ringing there was coming a sound from it and this song was sang by the good folks who were living in the bell of the cow, the song was that that    
 🎶“Prince and princes go to the north and you will find way to break the curse “🎶

they have heard this song then they move further forward and there came near to school whose well was ringing at that time and this ring was again singing 🎵 a song that   
🎶“ Prince and princess go to the east you will find an old man who know the way how to break the curse  “ 🎶

then they started to go to the east and after the day and night they reached it to a cottage that cottage was surrounded by small bells 🔔 that were grew on the plants. They were surprised to see this bell 🔔 cottage they move forward and knock the door and there came old old man 👨‍🦳 that old men smile and said to them welcome my child I was waiting for you both .
they said how do you know about us. old man said that I know that you both are cursed. 
come inside my #cottage and don’t worry about me. Any curse cannot affect me now but I can remove your curse but first of all tell me will you eat something  first? Or You want to cure your curse first.
they both got excited and said first break the curse .old man laughed and said first you have to eat my delicious soup and after that I will remove your curse.

he  took them to a room and there was a big bell 🔔 the old man said this is not rung for the last 200years so now Princes go forward and ring this bell and your curse will be removed as the princes moved the bell. It was ringing and slowly and gradually green shadow was coming out of the 👸 and that was the curse. The prince exclaimed Happily congratulations, princess your curse has been gone no it was a turn of the Prince.

The old man took them into another room in which there were hundreds of the rings they were attached with the beautiful strings. The old man said to the prince  to touch the ring  as it was attached to  other rings. all of a sudden all other ring started to rang. it was a beautiful song. It was a beautiful voice that Prince and princes started dancing and after 20 minutes green came out of the prince and the princess said an excitement that I am so happy that you are God has been removed from you they both got happy  and said thanks to the old man and to the palace and after 2 to 5 years their best friend ship turned into a good relation so they decided to marry each other now they were married to each other and they lived happily ever after .

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