A Deep Thought

A Deep Thought

13th May 2024 | 2 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: A self-written poem by a teenage mind. It doesn't aim at hurting anyone's beliefs.

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Witnessed a pigeon’s death,

Saw him taking his last breath.

The sight so unpleasing,

that it pops a thought-

‘To not leave like him’

None of his family by his side.

No one knows where he is,

All alone here he is.

But is it in our hands?

We are tied by fate’s band.

Whether good or bad, both go up there

Exactly how the destiny’s planned.

No one knows where he goes

To the God, for his after-life

He is reaping what he sowed.

Did this instance affect me?

Explicitly, for mere hours.

However, here I am writing

and keeping up with my matters.

Just like the world is doing

Remorsing and still moving.

A single absence doesn’t affect the earth

It is revolving unaffected, since its birth.

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