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        Human life is full of struggles. So there is no second opinions in this. So all persons in their life do a work from which they will get some money and live their life which may be job or business.

         In our life childhood time is the only time,in which no expectations are attached. After that, as soon as a child goes to school to study, then the parent’s expectations starts from their child and it goes on. After the completion of the study, then automatically a person needs some money to bear his/her expenses, and money can only be earned by doing a job or business. Thats why he/she starts to search a way of earning money by job or business.

         Doing any work totally depends on the family’s status and family’s thought. Because there are three types of families live on the earth.

  1. Rich families
  2. Middle class families
  3. Poor families

Rich families :- In the rich class families a person is totally free to choose which work he/she wants to do. So they do business, job and anything they want to do in their life which is suitable to them. Because these families are not very conservative about the profit or loss. So they choose their work according to their passion.

Middle class families :- In some middle class families a person is restricted about his/her studies and career. Sometimes he/she has to sacrifie his/her passion because of their problems. So most of the persons from these family’s do a simple job to fulfill their daily needs. Apart from this some middle class families also encourages their children to do whatever they want and do according to their passion.

Poor families :- In the poor families they only want money to survive and live a normal daily life. So whatever the work it may be they only do to live their life. The circumstances and the family problems forces them without any hesitation to do any kind of works.

The pros of business  :-

  • Independence: You will be free to make your decisions. So you will not need to answer anyone. You also don’t have a fear of getting fired from the job because you are the boss of your business.
  • Professional Development: Being the owner, You are the only responsible for the profit and loss. So it will enhance your capability to handle every situations. You could learn many marketing strategies and could improve your business ethics.
  • Achieve Goals: You can fulfill your dreams better in a business since you will take all the responsibilities.  And you could create jobs for many other needy people.

The Cons Of Business :- 

  • High risks: As you are the only responsible person for your profit and loss, so the risk is high.
  • Investment needed: Without money a business can never started. So to do a business it is necessary for you to have invest some money for your startups.

The Pros Of Job :-

  • Low Risk: As you have not invested anything for a job, so the risk is very low of your loss.
  • No Investment: You don’t need to invest a single money for the job.
  • Earn A Salary: As you are doing a job, so you will get a fixed salary in every month. And the salary may also increase according to your performance.
  • Less Responsibility: You are not the boss. So you don’t need to take all responsibility.You only responsible for your job only.

The Cons Of A job :-

  • Slow Growth: Your career growth may be slow because you are working under your boss. So if he decide about your promotion then you only grow.
  • Fixed Salary: You will get a fixed salary. So if you want a staedy salary every month without any stress, then it will be good for you. But if you want more income, then you can’t get. 
  • Can’t Decide Your Tasks: As you are a employee, so you can’t decide your tasks. The boss only decides the tasks for you.
  • Qualification: Nowadays every field they want well educated persons. So you need to study very well to get a good job.

So, Which is better ? Job or Business :-

       Both are good to their own aspects. But we can only say something regarding this is every work has both pros and cons. So we can only say whatever you want to do only depends upon the circumstances and family conditions. Apart from this if you have a strong determination and dedication towards your passion then whatever you do it will success.

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