The magical 🪄swan 🦢

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotOnce upon a time there were lived three brothers.their parents were died and they used to live together in the house 🏠 which their father has left for them in #heritage .
 The elder brother was Baker 👨‍🍳 and he was a good baker used to bake the bread and biscuits 🍪 donuts 🍩 all the bakery items daily. He earns more ,people come to his shop from for  far away places and take more of the bread from him .he was a very famous Baker.
 the second brother was a teacher he was a very nice teacher  everyone was very happy with him not only the student but parents also used to like him because he was very intelligent and was very nice to the students. Not only he teaches at school but students all come to him for #tuition .
youngest brother has no any job .he used to remain at home and he used to cook for the both of the brothers. His brothers behaviour was not good with him .they were very rude to him every time . He used to cook for them , do their laundry and keep the house clean for them.
one day he made a soup for both of his brothers, the teacher said what you have made this.  
 he said I made a soup then Baker said this is what kind of soup ?Only there is water and some spices and after having it I have a  severe headache and #sore throat .I am unable to eat this .you are a such a useless boy you cannot do anything properly. This is the only job that we have #assigned you to make a good food for us and take care of the home, but you are unable to do it we don’t know what you will do in the future .
see the second brother he is intelligent and he is teaching the students and the second brother said to the youngest brother see the elder brother how he makes the good bread to everyone and everyone is keen of his delicious  bread you are not able to make the soup .we will not eat it. They left the table and went out from dining room .
the younger brother was very sad. He has clean all the table and put the soup inside the kitchen and came outside of the home. He moved forward and sat at the small rock he was #mumbling slowly that my two brothers are very lucky .🍀 they are very intelligent. They are good at work but I am unable to do anything .why God made me like this I am so unlucky why I am not like them.I wish I could be a good person with a very good quality .while he was talking to himself, they appear our old man. 👴

The old man said to him what are you mumbling inside your mouth Mr.
the youngest brother said nothing.I’m not saying anything. I was just talking to myself about my life that I cannot do anything.  
The old man said don’t worry look at your elder brother what type of bad bread he makes the bread has a smell of #rotten eggs always nobody likes his bread but the younger brother said no it’s not true. My brother makes a very delicious bread and people from far away places to eat his bread he is a nice baker .

then old man said okay then just talk about the second brother who is the teacher everyone is disturbed due to his unkind behaviour. The student do not like him. He is very rude to the students and even all the parents are irritated due to his rude behaviour but the youngest brother said to the old man no it’s not true. My brother is very intelligent person and he is very nice to the students and the parents. he teaches every subject very nicely.  

The old man said I am talking bad about your brothers, but you are still admiring them. What kind of kind man you are .
after saying this all man is changed into a beautiful fairy. The youngest brother was shocked to see a beautiful fairy in front of him. The fairy 🧚‍♂️ said you are such a nice and kind man you don’t talk bad about anyone and this is your best quality even though your brothers have very rude behaviour with you but your this kind behaviour must need a gift from me  as i m fairy 🧚‍♂️ for kind hearted person s.
now listen to me carefully go forward and in the middle of your way you will see there is a beautiful swan.🦢 He must be beside a man who will be sleeping. You will take this swan 🦢 with you and as this swan will be so much beautiful everyone will wanted to touch it so whenever who is touching him, you will say “stop the little son “and that man will be stick to that swan by doing this. Many people will be attached to the swan 🦢 and then you will see this will change your life.
 now go and try your luck. The youngest brother listened to the advice of fairy 🧚‍♂️ very carefully and he moved forward.

 In the far away place He saw a man who was sleeping with a swan beside as he was sleeping very deeply it was easy for the youngest brother to carry the swan 🦢 in his lap.
He took the swan and went away from this side. He reached into another kingdom and entered into a market a man on the gate said to the youngest brother ,  
what a beautiful swan is that “and he touched it .
when he touched it, the youngest brother said “little swan stop it “and that man hand was stuck to the swan 🦢 .that man tried to remove his hand but he was failed to do that. He asked the youngest brother to make him free but the youngest brother keep on moving forward .
when he reached into the middle of the city, young lady saw the man asking for help.
the man who was attached to the swan 🦢 she tried to help the man, she said to the man that hold her hand so that she will pull him and he will be #detached from the swan. when the lady holded the hand of the man. The youngest brother said “
little swan just stop” and that lady was also attached to the man she tried to detach herself, but it was a failed attempt. She started to beat the man with the, broom 🧹 and his clothes got dirty.everyone was laughing at this situation .they keep on moving forward and then they saw a clown 🤡 .

The clown 🤡 was juggling  with the balls and was on one wheel when they came near to the clown. The clowns tried to help the young woman and he said to her that hold my hand so that I will pull you and you will be free when the clown moved forward his hand and lady hold the hand of the clown.
The youngest brother said again  that” little swan stopand by doing this clown was also attached to all of them, the clown was about to fall, but he was completely attached with the lady and he tried a lot to move away but it was failed.

The princes of this kingdom always remains sad after the death of her mother. She stopped smiling after her mother death she was going in her golden carriage through the same road from where, these people were passing when she saw all this scene in which the man was attached to the swan 🦢 The woman was trying to move his hand away from the man and the clown is also trying to move away from the woman and he is not stopped juggling with his one hand, this all scene made  her laugh .
she was laughing so much that her tears came out from her eyes. The king has heard this news that her princes has smile and she is laughing.  
He called the youngest brother in the Palace when the youngest brother was  about to reach the Palace, he didn’t knew that what he has to do into the palace but he thought to release all the people from him so he said to the 🦢
little  swan release all the person from it”  
 so they all got free and all started to ran away from the magical swan.

when the youngest brother entered into the palace, the king was happy to see him and he was very much inspired with the kind nature of the youngest brother as he was talking very nicely to the king and he told everything to the king . 🤴 
the king said whoever you are I don’t care how much you are poor but you are the reason to make my daughter laugh .that is the hardest thing for me. I hope you will keep my daughter very happy in the future so I asked you to marry my daughter.  
The youngest brother said I asked her if she is ready to do that. The princes was smiling and she said that, yes, I am ready to marry this guy, I hope I will be happy with him for whole of my life and the younger brother was married to the princess and he lived happily ever after .

the moral of his story. Is that no matter what kind of quality you have in your work but if you are having a good nature, you must be rewarded by God, as the youngest brother was so one should be kind to everyone and we should not talk bad about anyone.

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