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The graveyard at night


12th May 2024 | 10 Views

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Moment as the sunlight deem and the night prevail, far way. I could hear the sounds of the breaking bones under the graves. Shriek and squeal from bats tensed up the place. which I started my graveyard keeper work today; I has no experience.

At this time my heart beat ascended, curiosity hooked the rope on me, pulling forward and getting me closer. My instincts wish I never came for this work.

“graveyard keeper”. The graveyard is a old iconic place. Trees filled up the everywhere. Little I heard chuckles and giggles. This can never come from the town, we are probably at it out skirt. Glimpse of light were reveal to me. wide eyed gazing at crowds of walking skeletons. I mean they are chatting and maybe having fun. goosebumps shot out all over me and my body was dripping of hot sweat. A weird skeleton, some how caught glance of me. He stood still staring towards my way.

“Come over, you should take a few sip”. Mr skeleton said, displaying the liquor he got.

The dead is calling me for a drink, I could no longer stand it. “Hey let have fun”. A Mr skeleton outer. “yeah”. I responded. Walking into the arena they are having fun.

Grabbed a glass of wine take a sip and I said. “The graveyard most surely be our home these day, But few times I wish some days are eternity”.

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