Jesper who herded the rabbits 🐇

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Once upon a time in a beautiful kingdom, they lived a king who has a very beautiful daughter.  
She was very intelligent and smart girl and king wanted to marry her with someone who is as intelligent and smart like her so king Was not ready to marry her with someone ordinary person or ordinary mind man .

once he has announced that someone who will bring the most precious pearl in the world to the king. king will then marry that person to the princess and after that King will give that person two task that he has to fulfill for it .After listening this news son of merchants, Richman and the king from other kingdoms came into the palace with very precious pearls but nobody was able to fulfil the task of the 🤴 king.
king has lost his hope and he said to the queen I am very disappointed that nobody in this world is able to fulfil my task and to marry my daughter  . Is this world is deficient of intelligent and Wise man ? The Queen said don’t be disappointed my majesty one day there will be someone who will come and fulfil these task of yours and will marry our beautiful daughter in the kingdom.  

There was a fishermen who has two son the elder son name was Leo who was very lazy , person he never ever help his father in any task of the Home.
while the younger son name was Jasper, he was very intelligent and smart and kind boy. one day fisherman went for the fishing while lJasper also took his net and he tried to look for the fishing into the other river while the Leo was sleeping at home when the fisherman put his net into the river. It was very heavy. He pushed it very hardly, but he was surprised to see that there were many shells about 13 to 15 shells and these shall have very beautiful pearls.
fisher was very happy and he took all these seashells to the home and call his both of the Sons. Leo came and he sat on the bed and lay down while the Jasper was standing in front of his father very obediently and asked him father from where you got this  seashells these are having the pearls.
fisherman said very excitedly that I was fishing then I found the seashells and I am very happy that there are 13 to 15 Pearls inside each shell Jasper said oh father we can try our luck in the palace by showing these pearls to the king  .
fisherman smiled and said that’s what I was thinking too. I will divide these into the equal  amount first leo will try his luck and then Jasper you will go to the palace.

 in the morning Leo he has taken the bath even though he was not ready for it, but Fisherman said that you are going to the palace so you should be in the neet and clean form .he was ready to go when he was leaving the home and he went into the jungle which was coming in between his way, he had a voice someone was asking for the help.  
 “help help “  
leo saw here and there and asked himself who is there who is asking for the help from me then he saw there was a little ant that was sitting on his arm and wearing a crown.
 why you are shouting? Asked leo.
I have to go somewhere very quickly and you are disturbing me in my way .Ant said please help me as the king beetle is going to destroy our homes .
leo said I have no time to solve your problem you tiny creature. now go away from here I have to go to the king Palace.he  three the king ant away from his arm and moved forward.

when he was moved further in the middle of the jungle he saw an old woman. The old woman came to him and asked oh dear do you have some bread and water? Can you give it to me? I am very hungry and  I want some water to drink and what is in your hand where are you going? Leo told lie I have dust in my hand .
The old woman said okay please will you give me some bread as I am very hungry and I have nothing to eat but where you are going you must have good lunch or good dinner , but Leo said go away from here you old women. I have to go to the Palace.
 then Leo reached into the palace and he gave the pearls to the prime minister and the other people who were sitting inside the Palace. The prime minister said to the king that my majesty these are very precious pearls and they are changing their colour too.
when king hold the pearls. These were converted into the dust .
 the king has shouted you are a liar man  go away from here otherwise I will sentence you to the jail for the whole of your life. the Leo heard this. He quickly ran from there and  reached into his home and told everything to his father that the pearl was changed into the dust., but he has not talk about the old woman and ant 🐜 ashe has not given any attention to these.

fisherman  said to the Jasper son and you have to go to the palace and I wish you best of luck for that .Jasper said okay I am leaving now while he was going in the jungle. He heard a voice  like leo  that someone was calling for help.
Jasper looked here and there, but nobody was there suddenly he saw on his arm and he was surprised that there was a little ant 🐜 who was wearing a crown .Jasper said who are you and ant 🐜 said I am the king of the ant 🐜 please will you help me? Jasper said okay my majesty what hell do you need from me.
ant said the beetle king is going to destroy as he is going to destroy our all the storage please will you help us then? The beetle King also came near to the king and Jasper said to the Beetle King that Mr beetle how you dare to disturb the king ant and his family and people .I warn you for the next time that if you will do anything to them then I will , crush you with my foot.
the beetle King said okay dear I’m really really sorry. I beg your pardon and you will never see me again here.
King ant  🐜 said thank you to the Jasper and said to him that I know you are going to the palace to show your pearls. You must need my help and whenever you need help, just call me king ant 🐜 and I will be there for you to help. okay sir? Thank you  said jasper .
 He  moved forward and the middle of the way. He also met old woman and the old woman saw the Jasper. She smiled and came forward and asked for the bread and water, as she said, I know where you are going you will get the dinner and lunch over there but I have nothing to eat here , so please give me some bread and water.  
 Jasoer said okay and he has given his last bread and water to the old woman. The old woman was very surprised that how generous he was that he has given his last piece of meal to her. she was very happy with the jasper and she said to him that when you will reached the pace, you may need this and she has given a whistle to the Jasper. Jasper said thank you to the old woman and he then went into the palace .

when he reached into the palace. He has given the pearls to the king. The king was very happy to see the precious pearls. the Prime Minister said to the king that my majesty these are very# glorious and the #precious #pearls as they are changing their colour and I have never seen these type of Pearls in my life.  
The king asked the jasper from where you have got these .jasper said , my father has given me my majesty as he is fisherman. He worked hard day and night and when he was doing the fishing 🎣 , he collected the seashells, from the river and has given me the pearls to try my luck. My father is a very kind man. I am  proud of my father. The king said yes your father is a very hard-working man and you must be proud of him .
now as you have given us the pearls now you have to complete our two task tomorrow morning. I will tell you what are your task. Jasper said okay I am ready for every task. Jasper was slept in the Palace and he was on a very comfortable bed. He never ever seen this type of room with the# luxurious things. He slept a very sound sleep  
. He was very happy in the morning, King called him and took him to the  storeroom where there were the piles of the grains the king said to him that there are five types of  grains. You have to collect every type of the grain and make it separate from the others jasper said okay my majesty I will try to do it. The king said you have only 24 hours to do it. The Jasper said okay Majesty I will try my best , Jasper has started to separate the grains but it was a very difficult task because the grains  were so tiny that only and aunt can pick it up suddenly  Jasper thought of the king ant and  called the king ant 🐜 .king  will you help me? and all of a sudden the king and with his army came inside the room and he said to the Jasper please you take a sound sleep till we do work when you will wake up in the morning, you will see you’re all work Will be done . Jasper took a sleep and ant army has started its work they have separated the pile of grains into the five different types of grains into five different sacks.

 in the morning when the soldiers came they were very surprised and they called the king. The king was very happy to see that Jasper was sleeping and still one hour was left for completing his task and he has done all his work . He said to the jasper i am very happy with your hard work now come for my second task.
He took him into the garden and he shown him a cage they were the hundred of rabbits 🐇 . He  said to jasper that these are  hundred you have to take care of them. I will open the cage and they will go for grazing  but till tomorrow morning you will collect all of them and will come with all of them into the palace. The Jasper said nothing and he was very worried that how he will control the hundred rabbits 🐇 as a king has opened the cage. All the cage was empty , every rabbit was running here and there .
king went back into the palace .Jasper was  in disappointment and he put his hand into his pocket as it was his hobby when he was worried he used to keep his hand into the pocket. all of a sudden his hand was strike with the whistle that the old woman has given him . he blew that whistle and he was very surprised and happy to see that all of the hundred  rabbits 🐇 came back in front of him. He took all of these rabbits and went into the palace.  

The king was happy with his son in law to be. He said you are a very hard-working man and you are able to rule my kingdom in the future but the Jasper said my majesty I want to say something whatever I have done it’s not my , work he has told everything about King ant  and the old woman and about their help.
 but the king said whatever you have got it’s because of your kind  nature and your generosity that was your reward and because of this reward you are able to fulfil my test today get ready to marry my princess.
 Jasper said ask the princess first that will she be ready to marry me.  
The princess smiled and said yes I’m ready to marry you because you are a kind and generous person and he wasScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotmarried to the princess and rule the kingdom very nicely and they lived happily ever after .

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh




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