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Dolki inu | Live Presale | 1000X

10th May 2024 | 5 Views

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What is Dolki inu?

Dolki Inu is a new meme-based cryptocurrency that has been launched lately. Currently, it is in its presale stage where it has caught a wide attention of masses in the crypto arena. Those who have a strong interest in the digital currency cannot ignore Dolki inu at any cost for its attractive features. The presale price of Dolki Inu is $0.000004 whereas its launching price is said to be $0.00004. With so much hype beforehand, Dolki is supposed to be the next top meme coin in the digital currency market.

Presale phase of Dolki inu

The presale phase of Dolki inu is in its full boom. The sale price of the respective coin in the market after the completion of its presale will be increased from $0.000004 to $ 0.00004. However, in its presale phase, it is sold out at a more lucrative deal. The presale of the coin will go on for a period of good six months i-e starting from 1st of May and ending on 1st of November. The more one buys, the more it will benefit him later. Living in the digital world, one needs to adapt accordingly. Therefore, buying this trending meme coin is no less than a smart idea. The total presale of Dolki inu sums to an amount of $2,000,000. Once half of the presale for Dolki inu reaches its completion, it will be enlisted on Lbank, mexc, bitget, and gateio as a verified transparent meme coin.

Significance of Dolki inu

As this is the age of digital connectivity and tech-savvy market, crypto currency has got its claws firmly penetrated in the trendy era. Many of the cryptocurencies have been introduced in the market so far in different times. Dolki inu is a newly designed yet strongly emerging meme coin that has paved its path smoothly towards the trade market. It is currently in its presale phase though; it has caught the attention of the contemporary market so well. With its introducing rates both presale and after presale, this meme coin has the absolute potential to beat both Folki and Doge, two of the powerful and well-reputed digital coins.

Status of Dolki inu in tokenomics

Dolki inu is the newly rising meme coin with a high scope of trade in tokenomics. As per the plan of sales, Dolki has a solid and transparent status in the tokenomics. For its official launch in the market, Dolki has been allocated the following strategy in tokenomics;

  1. Its 50% coins are already locked for the next three years.
  2. Its 40% coins are available for presale.
  3. Its 10% coins are allocated for various projects.

With such a well-planned and smartly devised strategy, this meme coin is surely going to take over the digital market of trade in no time.

What makes Dolki inu worth buying?

Various strengthening traits make Dolki inu a reliable and worth buying meme coin.

1)Dolki inu is a decentralized coin:

Dolki inu is decentralized that fulfills the requirement of being reliable for investors and buyers. Its decentralization allows its functioning not to be affected or governed by any agents, bank or government to keep a record of its transactions but is run by computerized network i-e nodes. This feature is the pre-requiste for any cryptocurrency. Dolki meets this criterion upto the mark.

2)Dolki inu functions on a verified block chain mechanism:

All the transactions are recorded on the block chain, which is easily in access to all the participants connected in the network via computerized system.

3)Dolki inu is fully audited:

Every reliable and authentic currency is audited via a trust-worthy auditing company. Same goes for Dolki inu. It has been audited by the CyberScope, which is one of the top leading audit companies in the crypto world. Its audits serve as a star in the profile of any organization. Audit is the verification of transparency and reliability in terms of the functioning of the coin. Hence, anyone deeming to invest in this meme coin can go ahead without a second thought.

Final words on Dolki inu

In this age of digital topology, the world is woven together so firmly that demands people to adapt with it as soon as possible. Cryptocurrency is one powerful domain, which ties the world together. Dolki inu, the transparent and reliable meme coin is a smart choice to be invested in. In its presale phase at the moment, it is spreading its wings for invading the crypto world.

Dolki inu



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