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Time out


10th May 2024 | 16 Views

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I lied down faintly on the gatch bed. was rushed in lately, moment I collapse at the family reunion party. My legs are severally getting wearied. I felt cold shivers routed through my spine. Abruptly exhaling rapidly and the beep machine, beep faster. My whole life flashed before my eyes, slowly I wasn’t seeing my friends and siblings. Everything got completely blanked, not until a dark horse carriage rode in, I quietly stepped inside it. Then it started driving to a place I got no clue of.

We rode for a long distance and the horse carriage stopped immediately, I stepped down as if I was told to do so. Glanced at the mighty black gate. The whole of the place is made of fog, all I could see is this gate which I feel dwarf by it size. At this moment a man on a dark suit which i couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face. Walked to me. “This is your new home below six feet”. He said. Then spun around, walking and I followed him behind. I crave to ask questions but my lips are like they’re glued. This gate opened as we walked inside, As I gaze at the writing on a wood surface saying. “welcome to infinity, your new home build on the depth of the ground, time out”. 


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