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Her Mafia Husband- Stuck in a Plane

9th May 2024 | 1 Views

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Kabir was in a plane to Mumbai. He was wearing a white shirt and green pants, black googles on his eyes, the chain ‘K’ around his neck and surprisingly he was looking like a sardar ji with an orange turban. He was sitting in economy class.

Looks like he was going to sign another deal today. Arohi was too in that same plane.She was wearing a green anarkali suit. She sat besides Kabir.

She didn’t realised it was Kabir who was sitting next to her. It was difficult to understand it was Kabir Chauhan for anyone. Kabir had covered his identity that well. But Kabir understood that it was Arohi who was sitting besides him.

Kabir thinks :’ God!!!Why did you bring this girl here? I understand she got some other business but why did you put her besides me? Now, I need to hear her blabbering. Atleast don’t make her realize it’s me. I can’t afford to reveal myself in this plane’

Arohi was looking at him. She was feeling weird because he was murmuring to himself.

Arohi:”Sardar ji, Is this your first time on plane? You are murmuring to yourself. Don’t worry, Nothing will happen to you. I am sitting besides you, I am not scared of taking off. You can talk to me and engage yourself. That way, you can forget your fears. Wait… Your eyes are very familiar. Did we meet before? “

Kabir:”No, we haven’t met before. Maybe, you mistook me for someone else, soni kudi(beautiful girl)”

Arohi:”Mm.. I think so”


Everyone started to wear their seatbelts. Arohi was struggling to wear her seatbelts.

Kabir thinks ‘This girl…talks a lot but doesn’t know to do anything properly”

He came closer to her. Arohi:”Excuse me, sardar ji!!What are you trying to do? “

Kabir took the seatbelt and helped her to wear them.Arohi was staring at Kabir. Both of them were lost in each others’ eyes.

Kabir:”Chorii(girl), sometimes, we need help from others. Just accept it and move on “

Arohi:”I.. “

The plane was taking off. It was shaking and Arohi was really scared. It was her first time on a plane. She holds Kabir’s hand tightly. Her nails were hurting him. She was closing her eyes and holding his hands tightly. Kabir noticed this and thinks ‘ Look, who’s scared now? A moment ago, she was lecturing me that I will be safe in her hands… Now I need to protect her.. Ouch… My hands… Her nails… Who asked these girls to grow nails this long?Ouch… I can’t bear any longer. “

Arohi:”Please, God… Save me.. I don’t want to die here. Please…. “

The plane had stopped shaking and Arohi slowly started to remain calm. Now, the plane was in air and it doesn’t scare Arohi anymore.She slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was holding hand of the man who was sitting next to her. She quickly removed her hands. That’s when she noticed that her nails had given him some permanent marks.

Arohi:”I’m extremely sorry, Sardar ji. I didn’t know when I hold your hand and turned it to this condition”

She looks at the nail marks.

Kabir:”It’s ok. But Next time, let the other person knew you are afraid of plane taking off. Otherwise, he/she will have to suffer because of it. “

Arohi was embarrassed of her actions.Suddenly, 3 men came and pointed guns at everyone. They were looking dangerous and the passengers were sure that they were some sort of hijackers or terrorists.They started to scream.

Man 1:”Hey!!Shut up!!I hate noises, If you don’t keep quiet, then I am going to shot all of you here. “

Man 2:”Don’t worry, we’re not going to harm you. We just want to find a man. If we find him then we will leave all of you unharmed. “

Man 3:”Lucifer, where are you? Come out, we know that you are in this plane. If you stays silent, then lives of 189 passengers would be in danger.So, come out, Lucifer”

Arohi :”Seriously!!Does anyone name their child Lucifer? You guys can’t find a person with fake names”

Kabir:”Chorii, keep quiet. Can’t you see guns in their hands? “

Arohi:”Sardar ji, they don’t even know the real name of the person whom they are searching for. “

Man 1:”Heyy!!Shut up!!!It’s true we don’t know neither his name or looks. But we know who he is and what does he do. “

Arohi:”See, Sardar ji, They don’t even know the person they are searching for. They came here with some guns and a fake name and is pretending to hijack this plane. “

Kabir:”Chorrii, please keep quiet. You are provoking them “

Man 2:”Enough is enough. I had heard a lot.What did I say that we don’t harm anyone if you guys cooperate with us? But you guys aren’t even ready to keep silent.!”

He pulls his tigger and points the gun at Arohi.

Man 2:”Lucifer, wherever you are, come out. You can’t hide for a long time. If you don’t appear yourself, then I will kill this girl”

Man 3:”Boss, Shoot her. Afterall she was blabbering a lot and making me go crazy. Even if he comes out or not, kill her. She deserves to die. Anyway, that Lucifer is a stone -hearted man. Even if we killed all the passengers, he won’t reveal himself. “

The boss of the gang were ready to shoot Arohi. She closed her eyes in fear. When he was about to pull trigger, Kabir stopped him:”What are you guys doing?Rab ka meher he yeh. “

Man 2:”What?? What is this punjabi saying? “.

Passenger:”He is saying that she is god’s gift.”

Man 2:”Shut up!!I didn’t ask you for any answer. “

Arohi:”Sardar ji, please help me!!I don’t want to die so soon. I am still young and beautiful. I am not married till now. What happens to God’s will to give birth to children if I get shot now?Think about my future kids… Small,, beautiful and cute like me.”

Kabir thinks ‘ This girl!!!she’s really a musibhath(trouble )… She thinks she is brave and daring but in reality, she is worse than a small baby’

Arohi:”You will save me, won’t you? “

Kabir:”Don’t worry, I will protect you”

Man 2:”Enough!!Now, it’s her time to die. After that, everyone will die one by one. This is the gift for our dear Lucifer. “

He pulls the trigger and aims to shoot her. She closed her eyes in fear. Arohi thinks ‘Now, no one can save me, this is my last day on earth. God,please forgive me if i did anything wrong. ‘

She heard a gunshot. Tears were rolling down her eyes.

Anushka Menon



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