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Her Mafia Husband Chapter 2

8th May 2024 | 2 Views

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Arohi and Kabir meet each other. They were shocked to know that they were Sweety’s best friends. Arohi had heard a lot about this man standing infront of her and Kabir had heard a lot about this girl standing infront of him. But their first meeting wasn’t a lovely one.

Arohi & Kabir:”YOU!!!!”

Sweety:”So, you guys have met before. My job has become easier”

Arohi:”What job? “

Sweety:”Aru, this is Mr. Kabir Chauhan, CEO of Chauhan companies and one of the richest and successful businessman. Kabir, this is Ms. Arohi Sharma, my best friend, the most beautiful girl inside and outside. I want both of you to get married. You guys are perfect for each other. “

Arohi:”No, Sweety… I am not perfect for him..A middle class girl will never match with his status and moreover I wanted to be independent “

Sweety:”Arohi, please… Kappu is the best man one can dream of. He will allow you to be independent. “

Arohi:”Are you… Interested in this alliance, Mr. Kabir? “


Arohi didn’t expect that answer from him,”What?? “

Sweety:”Come on, Arohi… It’s your turn. He had already agreed, now make me more happier by accepting this alliance”

Arohi:”Sweety, I can’t promise you that I will marry him but I will give him a chance”

Sweety :”I am hundred percent sure, you are going to fall in love with him. If you guys want to talk privately, then please carry on”

Arohi and Kabir went aside and started to talk.Sweety was excited to see her bestfriends trying to move along.

Arohi:”I’m sorry Mr. Kabir Chauhan. I am not interested in marrying you “

Kabir:”Ohh madam, I am also not interested in marrying you. I just agreed because Sweety is my only bestfriend and I don’t want to hurt her feelings”

Arohi:”Then the feeling is mutual.

Mr. Mount Everest, don’t you dare to fall in love with me”

Kabir:”Seriously shorty, you think I will fall in love with you. You aren’t my type. Did you look at the mirror? Your dressing style is very bad… Girls wearing old aunties’ clothes aren’t the type of Kabir Chauhan. They won’t even reach at the bottom of the list infact they aren’t in my list. So, you don’t worry. “

Arohi placed hands on her hips,”Seriously!!I am wearing old aunties clothes, this beautiful pink anarkali suit is old aunties’ clothes for you. Then what is your mom wearing, isn’t she wearing a saree or small clothes like your so called girls included in your type list”

Hearing the word ‘mom’ from her mouth angers him. He grabbed his hands around her neck and squeezed hard making her choke on her own blood. He pins her to the wall and angrily said:”Don’t you dare to say anything about my mother”

Sweety had been watching everything from afar. When she saw how Kabir was choking Arohi, she rushed to them and saved Arohi.

Sweety:”Arohi, are you okay? “

Arohi was coughing continuously.

Arohi:”Sweety, do you think I’m ok?? He had tried to kill me and you wanted me to marry this Lucifer. You, mister… You loves to say ‘YOU’, don’t you? Now, I am warning you… Don’t you ever try to misbehave with me, this time, I forgive you because you are my Sweety’s childhood bestfriend. Next time, I won’t remember it and you will land directly in jail. “

Arohi corrects her dupatta and tries to leave but her dupatta got stuck in his watch.

Arohi:”There’s limit for everything Mr. Mount Everest. Leave my dupatta”

Arohi was pulling her dupatta and when turned around to scold him more, she saw that her dupatta was stuck on his watch

She was trying to remove her dupatta from his watch.

Kabir:”Let me do it “

He pulls her dupatta so hard that it got torn.She looks at the torn piece and glares at him,”YOU… What enmity do you have with me so that you are destroying every single thing of mine? Ok, I understand you don’t like my dress, it doesn’t mean you can tear it. Who gives you the right to tear my dupatta? I am not like you, Mr. Rich whichy.. “

Kabir throws a money bundle at her face and said:”Just take this and shut up. I am fed up of your blabbering. You have enough money to buy thousands of your so called anarkali suits and dupattas now. Sweety, your choice is very bad. She is a money-minded person. Gold digger!!”

Arohi took the notes which was fallen on the ground.

Arohi:”You don’t know the value of money, that’s why you are this arrogant. For you, it’s just a bundle but for people like us, this is a gift from God. Now, I will teach you the value of money. “

Arohi took the money and left from there. Kabir smirks and said to Sweety:”LOOK!!She turns out exactly what i thought to be. Girls like her are money minded and gold diggers!”

Sweety:”Kabir, I know Arohi and you very well… More than you guys knew about yourselves. You are going to get the biggest shock of your life in 5..4..3..2..1.”

Suddenly, sound of glass shattering came from one side. Kabir and Sweety turned to that side. Arohi was holding a long metal rod.Kabir saw that his Mercedes Benz car’s windshield was broken into small pieces. He rushed to his car.

Arohi placed her palm on her lips,”Oppsy, I am extremely sorry. It was a slip of my hands. I don’t know how the metal rod got hit on your windshield. I apologize for your losses. Here’s the money for repairing it. “

Arohi slaps the same money bundle given by Kabir on his chest and said:”Next time, think thousand times before you try to think or do ill with Arohi Sharma. And Sweety, by now you have understood that this wedding is never going to happen. “

Arohi flipped her hair and winks at Kabir. She leaves from there.Kabir was boiling with anger by now

Kabir:”This girl!!!i won’t spare her”

Sweety:”Kappu, calm down. This time, I will blame you, you had provoked her to do these things. What had gotten into you? Why did you provoke her by giving money bundle? She is a self independent woman and she hates those who tries to defame her. This is why I told you to marry her, she is just perfect for you. Daring and dangerous for your enemies and sweet & spicy for you.”

Kabir:”Stop it, Sweety. She is never going to be my wife. Her attitude is just like her, if I marry her it will be equal to getting hanged. Why should I dig my own grave by marrying her? “

Kabir wears his black sunglasses on his eyes. By then, a helicopter landed a few distance from them. He get inside the helicopter and flew off.

Sweety:”Arohi and Kabir, Today your paths had crossed… I hope that you guys get along quickly… Kabir can make Arohi self independent and fulfill her dreams… Arohi can make Kabir stop his illegal business and teach him the meaning of love. I want both of you guys to spend your lives together. God, please write their destiny in such a way that no force in this world can separate them”

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