The pixie and the magical pitcher 🏺

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotOnce the Queen fairy #allotted two fairies to give her magical pitcher to someone who is needy and most deserving human being in the land . 
the two fairies travel all along from sky to the land because to find  kind hearted person with pure soul was tougher then expected. they couldn’t find anyone after travelling for day and nights.
one of the fairies said I am not sure that we are able to get any person who is suitable and deserving for this magical pitcher. the other said but I believe that we must find that person and all of a sudden she saw a very beautiful little girl who was sitting next to the bank of the river and filling her pot of the water.  
She was very #charming girl and she seems to be very kind. One of the fairy said I think she is the girl to whom we are searching for we should stop our search , but the other fairy said, but I am not sure about her, the first fairy 🧚🏿‍♀️ said okay we should follow her then we will be aware of her that how kind of person she is and all our doubts will be removed.they both agreed and they started following that girl. This girl name was a pixie. She lives with her poor parents and in a very poor cottage, but she was a very generous girl, she carried her pot of water and went to her home back in the way  She found some cats that were too thirsty. She has given them some water to them to drink and splashed some of the water over them because it was summer season and they were very thirsty and were# panting due to thirst.
the fairy said to the another fairy I think we should give the pitcher to this girl but the second fairy said I want to see her more then they again started following her above in the sky and the pixie was unaware of this that some one is watching her. in the middle of her way ,girl saw a old woman who was very thirsty and was #leaning down.she asked for water from the pixie and pixie gave her the water to drink that woman wished her a very blessed life.

 now the both fairies were looking at each other and smiling because their search was going to be end but still they followed her as they thought that pixie has used much amount of water and now she has only some amount of water for her use and they were thinking that now she will not share this water to anyone but when pixie came near to her house  in the way she was very sad to see a very little puppy 🐶 who was thirsty and was severely painting. she took that puppy in her lap and gave her the  water.
 The both fairies now quite happy and they came into the land in front of the pixie the pixie was first very scared to see them but after they talked to her she was #normalised. They said to her that you are such a kind and nice girl and you share your all water to everyone  now take this magical pitcher. This will help you throughout your life. Use it wisely and live a very lavish life.
pixie was very surprised but when she saw up to the sky these both fairies were disappeared then she shared a very soft voice that someone said “  
           the fairies had gone now took me to my    new home.  “
The pixie realised that the magical pitcher that fairies gave to her was talking to her she took this magical pitcher and went to the Home and told her parents about this pitcher story but they were not believing it .
the magical pitcher smiled and started to work on the poor conditions of the Home first it cleaned everything and then it repaired the walls of the rooms and # mended the roof of the cottage .all of a sudden that cottage was as bright as new .
every day a new thing was appearing in the Home and whatever they wanted to eat the magical pitcher gave them that thing to eat.

 The magical pitcher grew fruit and vegetable outside the cottage and soon the cottage was converted into a big house as the pixie and his father started to sell the fruits and vegetable into the market and now they were earning money soon the pixie knew that the picture can also make the soup and some stew daily .they used to eat to  their fill .

Slowly and gradually their living condition was very much better and day by day pixie was also growing and one day she was all grown up into a very beautiful and charming girl.  
She started to help needy and poor people in the house daily, she put a stall of different things and she used to give these things to the poor people free .
this village was #ideal village for everyone and people used to come to see this village’s beauty as this was now a beautiful village. Every person was now in a better condition. The pitcher used to change every one ‘s  home condition and pixie has provided the Cloth to every poor.

one day a prince from the near kingdom came to see the  pixie’s village as he heard a lot about the pixie ‘s village.  
He was in a common man costume .his servant said that my majesty I am not ready to leave you alone i cant trust strangers here
but the prince  said be quiet and you remain here I will come after I will see every situation here .
then the Print move towards the village and meet every person who was# content and happy. Nobody was poor here and he saw that everyone was eating a lot from a stall he kne
w that this is the stall that he heard about. he then went near to that stall  and he saw a very beautiful girl, he was very surprised to see the beauty of the pixie .he came near  to the pixie but pixie didn’t give any attention to him as she was busy in helping the people and serving them food .
after finishing work she went to her home and the prince Followed her at her home .he knocked the door of the pixie ‘s home 🏠 she opened the gate And saw handsome man standing in front of her .

the Prince said I am very hungry I came from the Kingdom of your neighbour and I am in search of someone who has fasted for 24 hours because I can eat only from that person as I have to fulfil the wish of my mother who will be healthy as some fairy stated  her that if your son will eat from the hand of someone who is fasting for 24 hours you will be alright .
Pixie asked then why it is so ? the Prince told her because if the person will be  hungry with empty stomach and he or she does the charity it is the real exam of that person because with the full stomach you can give you are all meal to anyone but if you will be with the empty stomach you will think a lot to give.
 but I do not fast pixie said .okay I am leaving now prince said.but I am too hungry and i have travelled for the last 2 days without eating anything.
as the pixie  was a very kind girl she said to the Prince okay I will fast  from tomorrow for 24 hours and I will give you the food and she  fasted for the 24 hour and she used to serve the food to the Prince who was living in a #shelter outside her home 🏠 .

the Pixie was very# mingled with the Prince after 2 days primce said thanks to the Pixie and said that now I am leaving .the pixie  was very sad because she was very attached with the Prince .
the Prince said that now tell me the last question what is the #eternal thing in this world ? the pixie replied that the eternal thing in this world is the charity .
the Prince was really impressed with the intelligent of the Pixie and he told the pixie and his parents about the real identity of him they were very surprised and happy to see the Prince in front of them .the Prince then ask to marry the Pixie from her parents and finally the Pixie was married to the Prince . 

the Princess has decided did she will keep on helping the people not only from this village but also she will help every person in the Kingdom of his husband so  she used to come into the village and also she used to take care of every poor person into the Kingdom of primce after marriage .
everyone was very impressed with the beauty and the generosity of their queen.but like  every Kingdom  there were 2 Prime Minister who were very envious and were unhappy with the
she was helping every person and nobody was as much as needy as they were before and all the envious work of the prime ministers have been stopped because they used to take the work from the people without paying them so they decided to get rid of the Pixie from this palace and the kingdom.

one day the pixie was out for her social work the both Prime Minister went into the palace and met the Prince and told him that queen wants to kill him and wants to rule the Kingdom alone by her witchery .
the Prince didn’t leave them but they took the prince  into the room and show a secret place where some words were written  
one day I will rule the Kingdom and I will kill the Prince by my witchcraft”  
  the  prince 🤴 was very sad and he called the Pixie and said to her that he will never want to see her again pixie has to leave the Kingdom .

she went back home she cried a lot and she was very sad she was not doing anything because her heart was not going to do anything .the pitcher was also sad because of the Pixies ‘s condition.
 one day when everyone was sleeping pitcher  went into the Kingdom and found those 2 envious Prime Ministers who were celebrating there envious victory.
 the pitcher changed itself into a monster and grab them they are asked the pitcher to leave them but pitcher said once you have to meet the Prince and you have to told him that you told a lie about the Pixie then i will leave you other wise get ready to die. they said okay we will tell everything about the queen pixie and the next day they told everything to the prince . He punished them and sentenced them to the jail for whole life. 

the Prince went back to the Pixie begged her for the forgiveness and the Pixie forgave her because she understood that it was not the fault of the Prince. Pixie came back to her Kingdom and she again started to help the people of the Kingdom and pitcher was with the Pixie for rest of her life.everyone lived happily ever after.

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