Lr Hazy View Of Kett's Height Norwich

Introducing the City of Stories that is Norwich – Welcome to Where I Live!

7th May 2024 | 1 Views

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A series of articles showing you around the fine city of Norwich, through my eyes (and lens). 

Lr Hazy View Of Kett's Height Norwich

Above is a sunset view of Norwich from Kett’s Heights. From here you can see the spire of Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle is just over to the left (you can just see the crane above it).

Introducing the City of Stories

Norwich is known as the ‘city of stories’ for good reason. Originally granted city status in 1094, Norwich boasts an abundance of historical stories.

Norwich, a UNESCO city of literature, is also known as the city of stories, as it is a UNESCO city of literature. I live a ten-minute walk from the National Centre for Writing, which is pretty convenient for a writer. 

The River Wensum is the city’s lifeblood, and I am writing this while sitting on my balcony, which overlooks it. On one side, I have the river, and on the other, I have the city football club. It’s just as well that I am a football fan! It’s not as noisy as you might think. The biggest noise comes when Norwich score a goal, which is always a great sound. 

This is me at my keyboard. Norwich City Football Club is opposite my apartment block. 

Lr Petra On BalconyLr Ncfc

What I want to do is show you around the city I love. I am a photographer, and I take pictures every day as I walk along the river into the city. This way, I can share with you what a picturesque place this is. I will do this in an ongoing series of articles, so please follow to be kept updated. 

I have lived in Norwich for 30+ years. But it was only four years ago that I moved from the suburbs into the city itself. Two days before we all went into lockdown during the COVID pandemic of 2020, I moved into this apartment. Although it was a scary time in many ways, I felt thrilled to be in the heart of the city I love. Naturally, it felt strange that the streets were empty, but I soon got used to it. Hearing the birds sing made me feel better about there being no people around. 

My favourite place in the whole city is Norwich Cathedral. We are lucky enough to have two cathedrals, and both are stunning, but in very different ways. Seeing the Norwich Cathedral spire every day fills me with a great sense of peace and calm. Whatever I am going through in life, I remind myself that Norwich Cathedral has stood proudly through rebellions, wars, plagues, and floods. It is a symbol of hope and love. Even though I am not religious, I feel huge admiration and respect for those who built the cathedral, many of whom will not have lived to see its completion. I feel honoured that I am able to enjoy it daily. 

Norwich Cathedral, completed and opened in 1145. 

 Lr Norwich Cathedral Blossom April 24Lr Golden Cow Parsley Sunset At Norwich Cathedral

Norwich’s second cathedral is St John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral. This is a much younger building opened in 1910. 

Norwich Cathedral Close is a picturesque haven of beautiful houses, grassy spaces and ancient trees. It is the home of the Norwich School and I can’t help but envy the students.

  My favourite part of the Close – Hook’s WalkLr Hooks Walk Norwich

Lr Cathedral Close

  Many of the houses in the Cathedral Close look as though they are straight out of a Charles      Dicken’s novel. It is a magical place where you can step back in time. 

  It is quite a mix of architecture as you can see from these pictures. Flint walls feature on         many of the buildings.


Admiral Lord Nelson is a famous son of the city. He was born in Burnham Thorpe and  attended the Norwich School.  His statue stands in front of the Cathedral. 

Lr Lord Nelson StormLr Nelson Cathedral Moon

In my next Norwich article, I will show you Norwich Castle and Norwich Market. 

I hope you enjoyed this introductory post about my city. 

Petra Kidd
Petra Kidd



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