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How to wear a men’s leather jacket stylishly and what to combine it with?


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The leather jacket is such a classic and versatile piece of clothing that has been in trend since time immemorial and will never go out of style. It simply must be in every man’s wardrobe! This jacket makes several bold statements in your style choices, so be sure to choose the type of jacket that suits you. If you are looking for tips on what types of leather jackets there are, then look further.

This article will help you understand how to wear a leather jacket and decide which one is right for you. Read carefully!

Leather Jacket Styles

Biker jacket

The biker jacket was originally designed for motorcyclists, and its cropped style allowed riders to lean on their bikes without the closure digging into their body. Just wearing this jacket will give you more benefits. A biker jacket tends to be more attractive because it has many more features such as buckles, zippers, snaps and more, and almost always has a collar with large lapels that are designed to be folded on top of each other or snapped down. The jacket looks sleek day and night, whether you’re heading out for a walk or heading out for a drink.

Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket was the original flight jacket made for pilots of the time. They are generally quite simple, so the focus is on the shape being snugger at the waist and wrists. This is great when you’re going to play with friends or even go out for lunch during the day. You can pair this jacket with many different items to create different looks. This has become a very popular style lately and we’re not surprised why.

Leather motorcycle jacket

The motorcycle jacket was originally created specifically for racing. After World War II, many men began riding motorcycles between local pubs and cafes for some fun. This created a need for a minimalist leather jacket that was heavy enough in the back to provide enough protection with a strong zipper at the front. Leather Motorcycle jackets are usually thinner and have few details, including only a zipper at the front. They are quite “minimalist” when it comes to style and tend to be flattering on the body, especially if you have large shoulders.

Leather flight jacket

Flight jackets were originally designed for pilots with a short lining to keep them warm. Today, the jacket is worn by both pilots and the average man, making it practical and fashionable. They are a winter must have as they will maintain your beauty and taste while looking killer at the same time. Don’t overdo it with layers. Keep it simple and modern with simple trousers and lightweight knits.

Leather field jacket

The field jacket was originally created for military uniforms. It used to be made from cotton fabric, but has since turned into leather. This leather jacket has several pockets and can be longer than others. The field jacket is no joke, it’s a serious fashion statement. You could even say that it looks more expensive than some of your other leather jackets and usually has a tighter fit.

Stylish looks with a leather jacket

Biker style

Pair a biker jacket with black ripped jeans and high-top sneakers from Dr. Martins. You can even throw on a pair of skateboarding sneakers for a more street-ready look. As a top, you can wear a black solid t-shirt or even a t-shirt with a ribbon. Just remember, a biker jacket always looks best when paired with darker colors to maintain that unique grunge or rocker look.

Sports look

Be simpler. Pair a black pair of skinny jeans with a black or white logo tee to keep it from being completely plain. To make this look truly chic, you can even layer a zip-up sweatshirt under a leather jacket. Finally, complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers or any other similar outdoor footwear. If you want to add accessories, complete the look with a cap or even sunglasses. Keep in mind that your leather jacket is the perfect complement to this outfit, adding a little luxury to a very understated look.

Neat and correct preppy look

Simply pair a white shirt with gray trousers and add a tie for an even more impressive look. Oxford shoes go well with this, in harmony with the preppy style. Then add a leather jacket, preferably matching the color of your shoes. Preppy style is all about sophistication, but a leather jacket adds a little edge to it.

French but functional look

You can always play up a leather jacket a little by adding a dark turtleneck sweater and chinos. Complete the look with derby shoes and a black belt for a real on-trend look. This look is the best option if you want to wear a pretty stylish outfit for the weekend, but still wear a leather jacket.

Office Style

You don’t always want to wear a suit to work, so a leather jacket is the best option. Pair with chinos and derby shoes for an office-ready look. Then try layering a turtleneck sweater and vest on top, finally adding a leather jacket to finish it off. While this look is still workplace-friendly, it makes you feel much more at ease and comfortable at work.

How to wear a leather jacket in style?

•    Style is important. Choose a leather jacket that suits you best and matches the clothes you already own.
•    Black is your best option, it goes with almost everything so you get the most out of your jacket, otherwise try brown.
•    When choosing an outfit, stick to neutral colors and keep the look simple.
•    If you are going to wear a leather jacket, make sure you have enough confidence. A leather jacket is a bold wardrobe item.
•    Leather jackets will last great if you take good care of them. Be sure to keep them out of the rain and when storing them, place them on a padded hanger to help them maintain their shape. You don’t want them to form points on the shoulders.

Frequently ask Interesting questions

Should men wear leather jackets?
Men can wear leather jackets because they are timeless and versatile pieces that have remained a unique fashion staple for decades. This is the type of clothing that will not go out of trend, especially when choosing a classic cut.

Do leather jackets attract fashion attention?
Every fall and winter leather jackets once again capture fashion’s attention. They become fashionable every year and have become classic and timeless clothing.

How thick should a men’s leather jacket be?
When choosing a leather jacket, you need to pay close attention to the cut. It shouldn’t be too big, but there should be enough space so that you don’t feel like your movement is restricted.

Should you buy a leather jacket?
If you want clothes that will last you more than one season, it is recommended to purchase something of quality. If you take care of your leather jacket, it will wear well. You can also make sure it retains its shape by hanging it on a padded hanger. The ability to wear something often and for years to come makes it a worthy investment.

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