The youngest princess 👸

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Once upon a time there was a huge kingdom in the caspia. One day a graved situation happened there that king and queen were died because of sone illness.they left a little 9 year old princess 👸 behind. 
princess 👸 was very sad n quite.most of the time she used to cry in her it was the #doomsday for her. 
But fortunately she has a great 👩‍🍼 nanny who used to look after her.the princess name was sofia.  
Slowly and gradually, princess Sophia was forgetting her sadness as her nanny used to play with her day and night. 
but whenever princess Sophia was alone, she used to cry for her parents. The prime minister of the kingdom who s name was Jaffer was aware of the condition of the little princess. He was thinking to hold the whole kingdom. He was a very cunning person and very clever person .
one day called his #assistance and told  to them about his bad #intentions that  I am going to make a celebration for the crowning of the little princess she will be the queen of the kingdom. I will do all the wrong things here and I will name the little queen for all of these things soon the people will know that little queen is not able to hold the whole kingdom and finally they will elect me as a king of the kingdom  so he started to play nasty games with the people of this kingdom. He increased the taxes on everything and every day he punished many poor people for not doing a lot of work for him without paying them for anything and also he used to ask for the double amount of the tax from the poor people .  
the princess Sofia’s. Nanny was aware of all of the situation. She was looking that what the Jaffer is doing  with the poor people of the kingdom but she was sad to whom she can say all this because the princes Sophia was very young to understand all of the cleverness of the Jaffer. she was busy looking after princess 👸 Sophia so that she could never feel the , absence of her parents.

 one day princess 👸 Sophia was playing with her cats and her 🐈  cats ran away from her room. She followed her cat and she went inside The room where his father used to take care of all the work of the kingdom by listening to the problem of the people.
but she was shocked to see that there was a man who was entangled into the chains and the two soldiers were beating him with the whips  and Jaffer was sitting on the kings chair .
Sophia asked loudly what is happening here ?and Jaffer what are you doing here with this man?  
 Jaffer Said my little queen you go from here this man is talking wrong thing about you and he is worthy of this punishment because he is insulting you.
Sophia came close to that man and talk to him directly and asked him why you are talking bad things about me ?  
that man said in anger  why shouldn’t I talk that about you that you are running a bad government .you have increased the taxes so much that I cannot take care of my children and my wife I have nothing left to feed them and I am getting poor day by day and  he has started to cry.  
Sophia said that release this person from these chains  and said to the Jaffer that from now never ever any person will be punished here in this palace .
the Jaffer was very worried about this condition. He thought he should do something for this so he  has disappeared from the palace for few days.  
Meanwhile Sophia went inside her room, she was very disturbed. Her nanny asked her that why you were so sad ,princess Sophia said that I am sad about the scene that I have looked inside the room. Nanny said this is happening from the day when your crown celebration has been done .princess Sophia said to the Nani why you did not told me about all this . then  nanny said what we can do for this condition you are so young to hold the , situation and rule this huge kingdom  

.Sophia said I want to go inside the kingdom and I want to see the condition of my people and I will search for one wisemen who will assist me in this kingdom.  
 so she and her nanny disguise themselves and they both went into the market .
at one site she saw one man was bitten by  two people and there was a man who was saying him in anger that if you will pay my tax I will stop my people to not to beat you . but poor man said that I am so poor my all the fields have been damaged from where I can pay your tax, you kill me I have nothing left to give you.
  the Sofia went near to that man who was asking for the tax from poor man  and said to him ,stop your people ! man said who are you little girl? Go away from here.

princess Sophia removed her mask and said to him that I command you that not to beat this person , the man was very shocked to see the little princess Sophia and he #bowed his head in front of her and said oh my majesty what are you doing here .
she said that I came here to see the condition of my people now I command everyone that nobody will pay the tax from today . everyone in the market has started to clap 👏 then Princes Sophia saw that person who was inside the palace entangled in the chains. Sophia came near to him and asked him that what is your name? That man’s told the princess Sophia that my name is  Jonathan .princess Sophia asked Jonathan that will you be my right hand from now onwards and will you help me to rule this kingdom because you are a kind and wise man .
Jonathan said that will be honour for me .on the next day Sophia called Jonathan and met with the treasurer who told her that the prime minister take the tax from the poor people and that tax do not come into the royal treasure of the kingdom instead of that all th prime minister use them for their personal things.

Sophia on the next day called all the prime ministers in the centre of the city and dismissed them from their job and punished them .  
princess 👸 Sophia asked the people about  the Jaffer but nobody knew that where the Jaffer was. actually the Jaffer went into the neighbourhood kingdom and he met with the king of that kingdom and asked him to attack the Caspa as the youngest princess cannot beat so he can hold the whole kingdom in his position and jaffer will be theonly Prime Minister for this kingdom.
 princess Sophia knew from the people about the bad intentions of the Jaffer and she said to the Jonathan that what to do now for this condition that Jonathan said  I have to do something for that. He went inside the market and call the people of the caspia and said to them that we have to save the princess she has done a lot for Poor people now it is the time to save the life of the young princess and to save our the kingdom .
All the people were ready to fight with enemies .Jaffer came with the another kingdom ‘s king near to the gate of the caspia and all of a sudden he saw a crowd of the people coming towards them and shouting that thank you Jaffer you helped us to make the king of Anna rah  a fool and brought him here now we will easily attack him when the king of Annarah hear these words he said to the Jaffer that you have deceived  me .
he called his people to return back and learn the lesson.Jaffer was very worried about this situation. This soldier came and arrested him the princess Sophia, came to the Jafar and said that whoever will not be sincere to the kingdom and is not kind to the people of this kingdom is considered to be enemy and only deserved the punishment and Jaffer you only need the punishment now the Jaffer bagged the princes Sophia for the forgiveness but the princess Sophia said the cruelity does not need forgiveness it only needs the punishment .
princess 👸 Sophia ruled I’ll kingdom for about 12 more years and now she was a young princess and she was very kind and wise princess and everybody was happy with her .this ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotstory shows that nobody should be judge by the age, but it is the nature and the kindness of the person who make him sensible to do everything .

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