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Dark night a day of demons

7th May 2024 | 11 Views

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Seated, going through my favorite fluffy story book and abruptly the whole of my room was staggering as the lamp stand fell off. Darkness took place, I stood up to find my way outside. which was extreme. I reached for the door knob turned it down pulled it opened. And there was immediate thunder storm followed with a long stayed lightning. A loud shriek and squeal go about the street. Then I could hear the noise of Crows flooded the cloud. ‘Shit’. I yelled gazing at bunch of disgusting worms. Rats trotted my way. I felt goosebumps all over my body. shivering with dripping hot sweat. I started running, but knowing to me my legs felt too heavy. As I was exhaling rapidly. My feet sink on the ground, I screamed to lifted them up. As expected I fell down hard. let out a groan of pain and my eyes wide opened. The rats already engulfed my body as so much worms drill holes. crows descend feasting on my eyes, tearing off every part of me. and I endlessly wail, feel the pain of been eaten to death. ‘Today is of demons’. I spat my Last words.


Jasper Gate



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