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Unhealthy of Lying too Much—

6th May 2024 | 10 Views

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Other day my student Suman said”madam I  feel  something unique trend among my friends and co workers.Many of them keep #lying in day to day life for no rhyme and  reason.I feel very  uncomfortable but at the same time I have no #courage and energy to tell   them what they are doing is not a right approach to life.”

I said” Suman .I have noticed the same trend among many of my students and co workers.Some time I took courage to correct them.But I found they strongly believe that habit of #lying is very powerful.They are of opinion that they can #manipulate many things in world with their language game.They think with their game of lying sometimes they do get  many things in life or #escape from things they do not want.”

I further said”Suman do you know the reason why it is wrong to tell #lie all time.”

Suman said” most important reason I am against lying is as time passes one gets into habit of playing dangerous game of #lying more strongly and as result of it one stop #trusting one self.”

I said” right Suman if one #stuffs oneself with all lies and when one faces problem and it so happens when there is  no body  around one for help  ,at the same time one has to  make decision of problem  then and there,according to probability theory ninety percent time one is going to make wrong decision.”

Suman said” This bad habit of lying converts one  into confused personalty and foundation of one’s activity is based on lie, therefore one has no clarity about the problem one is facing. Then one will regret about this dangerous game of lying  .In this game some time one looses respect among  own children and near ones.

Moral-Please do not full your life cup with  imagination and rubbish perception.Jelleke Vanooteghem Kabtmcdcabk UnsplashWhen this cup get full it will spill and it will give back lies only as you have filled it with lies.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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