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Dear father,


5th May 2024 | 1 Views

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                       🪶 Dear Father 🪶

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks silently as I held onto my Father. His face became pale, his hands dry and his eyes close. He ran cold steadily as I wept upon him.

“No!!”I yelled whilst tears flowed down my face uncontrollably. As more tears streamed on my eyelids refusing to fall, my vision became blurry. I forced out those tears so I could see his majestic face.

“Father, no”I whispered, my voice broke so as my heart. My soul whimpered deep down inside me. 

He was the last straw of companion I had left and he was leaving now? Who else would be my shoulder to cry on without him around? What would I be without hid company? He had told me never to give up, and here he is giving up!!

“You have to fight Father!! You can do this!! I believe in you and I’m counting on you!!!”I cried bitterly but I got silence for a response. His heart stopped steadily.

“No”I whispered. Who do I have to console my dejected soul? No one, just sorrow. I felt my heart throb in agony and pain. The pain I felt was more than that hidden in the far dark corners of love. I couldn’t just bring myself to conclude that he was gone forever.

‘Be happy!’ I remembered his words, those same words he used to say to me every morning with his bright smile. That same smile is faded and never to be seen again. He told me to be happy, yet he’s offering infinite sorrow to me. 

I remembered his ocean blue eyes that could drown anyone that look into them; those eyes are now closed never to be opened again. 

He engulfed me into his warmth where I listened to his heartbeat this morning; that heart has now stopped.

How can I live without him?

‘Act like the Queen you are’ He used to say. How does he expect me to be a Queen now? He was my crown; my pride. I can’t be a Queen without a crown.

“You have to wake up. Your departure isn’t now Father!!”I yelled in frustration and pain before someone came to pull me away from my dear Father.

“No! Father!! Help me!!! They’re taking me away from you! Don’t just lie there, you’ve always fought for my sake!!”I shouted whilst I kicked and punched to get away from the person’ grip but all to no avail.

                                                           -Heppie Leo 

Heppie Leo



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