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Memories. He let a grin on his face, Staring at the small frame, it me and Layla of those times we were together. Glad and happy to be with ourselves, maybe I say the blame could be point at time. If time wasn’t a thing of eye blink, then we two will still be. She’s probably not here but I could swear I felt her presence, Layla never be sad seeing me this state, they said any person can move on after heart break, but that doesn’t count for me, since that day you were knocked down by that drunkard driver and after your last words which plant so much sorrow in depth of my heart,

Moving on wasn’t possible for me, that disaster grew mighty each day, and it fed on my pains. .chuckles. Layla if I be honest you were a gift sent by the moon goddess to my life. What else beauty it possible to compare with yours, I found none. And that smile of yours which stroke my heart with excruciating agony any moment it played on my head. I’d be like one day we will meet again and then there in the realms I saw you seated with the deities of paradise

likely waiting to welcome me.

Tears stream down my face, spun around and walked out of the room. 

Jasper Gate



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