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A night with the mortal man and the sea goddess

5th May 2024 | 4 Views

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The sea goddess was gratified at the man, whose tall looking like a god. His eyes engulfed with flames of blue diamonds. She splash her greenish tail upon the blue water. Over the hills for him at just first sight. She gazing at him, made goosebumps all over her body. At almost she desired him, while she still aware it forbidden to come together with a mortal. So grieved she emerged as of this moment. Thought for a while, put on a smile prepared to trespass the boarders. She fleet her tail at the point of the dry land. Abruptly shifted to a human form, designed on a pink gown. while she cat walks. 

The goddess crush glanced out on the goddess, His face mirrored shock and surprised.

He thought what an elegance, just as an hour glass figure, and those golden blonde hair sprinted to her legs. The man couldn’t stop staring at her gorgeous curves, and then the goddess saw a glint dancing around his pupil, this made a soft smile on her. Goddess slide going down and right on time her hero caught her, his hand wrapped around her, immediately they locked gaze and so she thought of what made such transcended creature.

(To be continued).

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