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Short Stories

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1. The Elephant’s Tooth

One day, a hungry mouse searching for food found a walnut in its shell. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t open the walnut with his teeth. The walnut shell was too firm and hard, and the little mouse’s teeth couldn’t break it.
Looking up to the sky, the mouse exclaimed, “Kind God! Why did you give me such small teeth? I can’t break this walnut with them. I have food now, but I can’t eat it.”
God replied from the sky, “Go to the forest and look at the teeth of all the animals. Choose the teeth of any animal you like, and I will give you those teeth.”
The mouse went to the forest and examined the teeth of all the animals. He didn’t like any of them until he came across an elephant and saw its large teeth protruding from its mouth. (Elephant’s teeth are called tusks.)
Turning to the sky, the mouse said, “Dear God, I want teeth like the elephant’s tusks.”
But the elephant told him, “No, no! Don’t do that. It’s true that my teeth are very big, but they are not suitable for eating because they are outside my mouth. Besides, your small teeth are suitable for eating. Plus, my teeth are so big and heavy that carrying them around tires me out. How do you expect to get by with such small teeth?”
The mouse thought for a moment and then said, “You’re right. My teeth are suitable for myself, and your teeth are suitable for yourself. It’s better for me to have my own teeth and take care of them than to break them trying to open a walnut.”
People also need to know to appreciate what they have. Health is one of our most important assets. People’s wealth lies in their health, so healthy people are wealthy. Everyone should take care of their health.
Kids, what other treasures do you recognize in your life? Your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, schoolmates…

2.The Red Feathered Chicken

Once upon a time, there was a chicken in a farmyard whose red feathers earned him the nickname “Red Feathered Chicken” from everyone.

One day, while Red Feathered Chicken was pecking around the farmyard, a fox spotted him and his mouth began to water.

Quickly, Red Feathered Chicken rushed back home and instructed his wife to fill a pot with water and put it on the stove to prepare lunch. Then, he returned to the farmyard.

But before he could ask for help, the fox caught him and threw him into a sack. Then, gleefully, the fox headed home.

Red Feathered Chicken’s friend, a dove, had been watching the whole scene and quickly devised a plan to save his friend.

The dove went and sat on the path where the fox would pass, pretending to have a broken wing. When the fox saw him, he was delighted, thinking he would have a sumptuous lunch today.

He put the sack on the ground and went towards the dove to catch him. Meanwhile, the dove slowly moved backward.

As soon as Red Feathered Chicken saw that the fox’s attention was on the dove, he emerged from the sack, placed a stone inside it, and ran away.

When the fox realized that his friend had escaped far enough, he began to fly and perched on top of a tree.

Meanwhile, the disappointed fox went back to the sack, picked it up, and headed home.

When he reached home, the pot was still on the stove. He emptied the sack into the pot, and the stone fell into the boiling water, splashing it all over the fox’s face, causing him to get burnt badly.

3.the Wind and the Sun

One day, the Wind and the Sun were arguing about which one of them was stronger. Finally, they decided to have a competition to see who was stronger.

As a man was passing by, the Sun said, “Let’s see which one of us can make this man take off his coat.”

The Wind agreed. First, it was agreed that the Wind would try.

The Wind gathered all its strength and blew and blew and blew. But not only did the man not take off his coat, but he also wrapped it tighter around himself.

Then it was the Sun’s turn.

The Sun gathered its power and began to shine brightly.

The Sun shone so much and spread its warmth on the earth until the man became hot and took off his coat.

The Sun won the competition.

4.the Mouse, the Rooster, and the Cat

Once upon a time, a young and inexperienced mouse set out to wander around the farm to find some food and water.

As he walked along, looking around, he spotted a rooster.

Having never seen a rooster before, he thought to himself:

“Oh, what a scary creature!

What a big beak and comb!

Surely, it must be a dangerous animal. I must flee quickly.”

And so, the little mouse ran off.

A little further ahead, the young mouse encountered a cat.

He had never seen a cat before either.

Thinking to himself, he said:

“This is such a beautiful creature!

What lovely eyes it has.

And its tail is so colorful.”

As he approached the cat, his mother arrived and quickly took him back home.

The little mouse bragged to his mother about the animals he had seen.

His mother cautioned him:

“But little mouse, you must be very careful!

Never judge animals by their appearance!

The first animal you saw and thought was scary was a rooster.

Roosters are not dangerous at all.

But the second animal you saw and thought was pretty was a cat.

Cats are very dangerous for mice, and we should never go near them.”

The little mouse was very happy that his mother arrived and saved him, and he decided from then on never to judge anyone by their appearance.

5.The Wise Owl

There was an old owl who lived on an oak tree.

Every day, the owl watched the events unfolding around him.

Yesterday, he saw a boy helping an old man and carrying his heavy basket home.

Today, he saw a girl crying on her mother’s shoulder.

The more he saw, the less he spoke.

The less he spoke, the more he heard.

He heard people talking and telling stories.

He heard a woman saying that an elephant had jumped over a wall.

He heard a man saying that he had never made a mistake.

He had heard about all kinds of people.

Some people had improved.

And some had worsened.

But the owl became wiser and wiser every day.

People also become wiser by listening to the wise.

Everyone should see and hear everything around them

Because there comes a day when they interact more with the world around them

So they must be able to overcome their problems.

6.The Koala and the Brave Rescue

Once upon a time, in the forests of Australia, beside a river, there was a large oak tree where a dove with her chicks lived. As the chicks grew bigger, they needed more food, so the mother and father dove went searching for food together.

One day, when the chicks were alone, a beautiful finch landed beside their nest. The chicks, who had never seen any bird besides their parents, were scared and hid their heads under their mother’s wings.

The finch said, “Why are you afraid of me? They call me Finch, and I have chicks like you. I’ve come to find food for them. They love the worms on your tree.” The chicks replied, “But how did you see us? We hid!” The Finch said, “You only hid your heads; your bodies were still visible.”

Then, a large animal with powerful claws, wide ears, and a fluffy body that seemed very wise and friendly, clung to the tree.

Looking at the chicks, it said, “Don’t be afraid, you’re not my food.” The chicks said, “How did you see us? We hid!” The Koala said, “But you only hid your heads; your bodies were still visible. My name is Koala. I’m a kind of tree bear, and I live with my family next to this tree.”

The chicks said, “How lucky you are; you can go anywhere.” The Koala said, “But I and all the animals without wings wish we could be like you, birds, and fly in the beautiful blue sky of God and provide food for ourselves and our children. God has given you the great blessing of flying. Be patient and grow up; don’t rush. You too can fly wherever you want, just like your parents.”

Once, the Koala saw an eagle approaching the dove’s nest to hunt the chicks. The Koala quickly shouted, “Danger!” and threw itself onto the nest, flapping its claws at the predatory bird, trying to drive it away.

The Finch, witnessing this scene, rushed to inform the dove parents and the Koala’s neighbors. With the help of Mrs. Cockatoo and Koala, they worked together to drive the predator bird away. The Koala was slightly injured, but he was happy that he could save the neighbor’s chicks.

The mother dove thanked the Finch and Koala for saving her chicks’ lives, and from then on, the story of Koala’s bravery spread through the forest, and everyone called him the Hero Koala.

The eagle’s plan to eat the chicks failed. Up, he went; it was just yogurt. Down, he came; it was just yogurt. Our story is true.

7. don’t waste to stay alive

Once upon a time, there was a loving god, and nothing else existed. In a green forest, several deer lived with their children. Whenever the mother deer prepared food for her children and brought it to divide among them, one of her children named “Light Brown” would say, “I want more.” The mother deer would reply, “My dear, you should eat as much as you can and take only what you need. Taking more than that is wasteful and extravagant.”

But the little deer didn’t listen. One day, while searching for a rainbow’s end with his brother, they found a basket of fruit that perhaps humans had left behind and spilled on the ground. As usual, he rushed ahead of his brother and said, “The ripest fruit belongs to me.” He grabbed a big pear with his muzzle, took a bite, got bored, and threw it away. The rest of the fruits were brought back for the mother deer.

Now listen to the mother deer, who was cleaning her nest and saw turtles carrying a sick swallow. She said, “Wait, this swallow is a friend of my children. What happened?” They said, “It’s sick, and the turtle doctor said eating a pear would cure it.”

The mother deer said, “However we can, let’s find a pear for it. Please bring it to our nest.”

The mother deer’s children came, and it was getting dark. When the mother deer saw the fruit basket, she said, “There’s a pear among the fruits.” They said, “No.” The mother deer said, “If the swallow eats a pear, it will be cured.”

Light Brown went to bed upset. In his dream, he saw the pear he had wasted and cried. The pear said to him, “Why are you crying?” The pear then taught him this poem:

“I am a clean pear, always on the table,
If you eat me, don’t eat half, my dear.
God said in the Stpries, the merciful god,
Don’t be wasteful, my dear.”

The little deer woke up early in the morning, went to the forest with his brothers, and searched for the pear. They found the half-eaten pear, washed it in the fountain, and brought it for the swallow. When the swallow ate the pear, it found relief, opened its eyes, and thanked the little deer for saving its life. From then on, Light Brown didn’t waste anymore. He didn’t shout, “I want more” excessively. Now he knew that wasting anything is bad, and God does not like wastefulness.

8.the camel’s toothbrush

Once there was a camel. Or perhaps there wasn’t. Well, there couldn’t be a camel in the house because it had lost its toothbrush. So, it went outside to find its toothbrush.

It spotted a little mouse and said, “Have you seen my toothbrush? I want to brush my teeth.”

The mouse shook its tail and said, “No, I haven’t seen it. Why would I know about your toothbrush?”

The camel went on and saw a face-to-face with a snake. It asked, “Have you seen my toothbrush?”

The snake replied, “Yes, I saw it. It was in the hand of Mrs. Ant, but I don’t know what she was doing with it.”

The camel said, “I don’t know either!”

Then it continued its way until it found Mrs. Ant.

It went and went until it reached Mrs. Ant and said, “Mrs. Ant, give me my toothbrush, I want to brush my teeth.”

Mrs. Ant said, “No, this is not your toothbrush, it’s my broom. I found it myself. Now go aside, I want to sweep the front of my house.”

The camel said, “No, this is my toothbrush.”

Mrs. Ant said, “If it’s yours, then what is it doing in my hand?”

The camel said, “Yesterday when I went to the well to brush my teeth, I left it there.”

Mrs. Ant said, “Oh.. I brought this broom with great effort along with my friends.

Should I give it to you now? Obviously not. Go away quickly.”

The camel began to cry. Tears streamed down heavily. Mrs. Ant’s heart melted. She thought and said, “If I give you the toothbrush, will you give me a broom?”

The camel went and picked some of its wool, wrapped it around a thin branch, and said, “Here is your broom.”

Mrs. Ant was delighted. She returned the camel’s toothbrush.

The camel chuckled heartily and left, never again leaving its toothbrush behind.


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