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Rakesh my friend is in #foreign services department of our country.He has to travel a lot(many days) for his #assignments. Traveling has made him a better person in sense more organized and humble gentleman .

Many of his friends always feel; since Rakesh is traveling on government money, therefore it is not difficult for Rakesh to travel to far of places.

But I have different opinion about my friend’s traveling #assignments. Traveling is not always is never #comfortable also.Some times traveling is so #messy, it breaks one’s heart also and upset total #schedule.

 I have observed that its okay traveling some times is not a #pleasant experience.But it changes one’s personalty in many ways .Of course while #traveling one does get good and bad #experience. These experiences teaches one better way of #thinking and  #executing problems of life.Traveling leaves distinct marks on one’s memory,heart and #soul.It changes one’s #consciousness  .Experiences one gets while traveling is #treasure  for whole life.One learns many good #lessons of life,which no body can #teach one.

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Moral-traveling leaves good #unforgettable marks on one’s soul,heart and mind and also leaves something good #behind .

sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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