The pet 🐒became prince 🫅

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotUpon a time there was a king who has two sons. the queen named them  prince tiger and prince wolf.
. The prince wolf was the elder brother while the tiger was the younger brother. The elder brother was very mean to the younger brother .
one day king called the younger son loudly “tiger tiger, where are you, ?”

the tiger was very excited to hear his fathers voice and he ran towards him suddenly his brother Put his leg in front of him and he fell down in front of the king. He was hurt so badly he keeps seated and crying while pressing his knees. Nobody has seen that what elder brother has done to him.  
The king said to the queen why you have given him the name of the tiger he has no any quality Like him .he is not such a #brave boy. He is a very #coward and silly boy .elder son started to laugh and said to the younger one. Oh you are a silly boy.  
The elder son was very #spent-thrift .daily He used to throw the parties for his friends , while the younger son because of his inferiority complex that he is not so intelligance as his father used to tell him every time and his brother used to call him silly became a unsocialised boy . he most of the time spent his time in the library studying.

one day, the elder brother was roaming around in the Palace with his friends they passed through the library. The door was open. The boys said what he is doing your brother , the elder son sad he is a very silly #bookworm he always used to read the books. He has no any interest in playing and doing nothing. He is a very lazy boy and very #clumsy .boys started laughing on him and then they close the door and move forward. was very sad , he has one pet who was a little monkey he said to that you are very lucky. Nobody is here to insult you. Nobody humiliate you. You live a very happy life quietly.  

The days has been passed so fastly both of the boys were now grown-up boys. The elder brother was spending a very #lavish life with his friends and his behaviour with the people of kingdom was also very mean nobody liked him. Wild prince tiger was kind person but he has no any #interaction with any of the people of the kingdom.  
one day king from the other kingdom came to visit here with her princess. She was very pretty and a nice girl. Actually that king was interested to marry her with one of Of the Prince. and it was obvious that everyone was attracted towards the prince wolf who was the elder one because he was very prominent in his activities .the tiger most of the time remains quite in his room or in the library busy in reading books .📚.
he was however very intelligent and has so much knowledge about everything .he learnt the law and the rules of running a kingdom but as he was #shy and was unable to tell his point of you to anyone so nobody was benefited from him .

one day prince wolf was standing with the princess her name was Maria they both were talking and laughing , while tiger was hiding himself behind a pillar .he was #mesmerised with the beauty of the beautiful princess. He was looking at her all of a sudden the princess looked at him and asked who is this? The wolf said he is my younger brother and he is a silly person he always reads books.the princess said oh! That is a lame for a prince 🤴.
the tiger got sad and he tried to move from there but the wolf called him , to meet the princess he was remain quiet during their conversation and they were totally ignoring him. He left them and went into the library. He was very sad.
The toko was also sitting with him and seeing him sad he was in much discomfort he said to toko  again that you are so lucky , nobody humiliate you nobody insults you .you live a very happy life being an animal . 
all  of a sudden a green light appeared around both of them and the soul of the Toko has transferred into the tiger and the tiger soul was transferred into the body. Now in monkeys body it was prince tiger and in the prince tiger body it was a monkey .

monkey said to the tiger now I will tell you that how to treat the people. I will make you learn that how to deal with the people how to rule the country and I hope after that you will have a very successful life .
whenever the tiger moved into the palace the toko always , used to follow him and he most of the time imitates the Prince 🤴.whatever he does that the maids in the corridor most of the time when  he crossed them and they always said that look at this silly princes 🤴 and they start laughing.
on that day the Prince also passed the corridor  when the maid said in whisper to the otherthat look at there silly  prince 🤴 is coming .the prince looked at them in anger and said to the servant that dismissed them from their job .they both were very worried and they asked for forgiveness .then Prince who was actually monkey inside said okay, I forgive you but next time never ever dare to call me the silly prince.then move forward  and went into the kingdom to meet the people .
at one site he was looking at the shop. An old woman was arguing with a man who was selling the fruits and vegetables. She said that she will give no any #tax on these things but he was forcing him that she has to pay the tax. Prince came near to them and said to the soldiers that arrest this person who is asking for the tax from this old lady  that man said oh silly prince don’t you know that they have to pay the tax for everything? Prince said now from the next time you will never dare to call me the silly prince 🤴 and I #declare from today to everyone that nobody will pay the tax from today .everyone in the market was clapping and admiring the #generosity of the prince tiger .who was actually the monkey .
soon the Prince tiger was very famous because of his wisdom and everyone was admiring him because of his way of ruling the kingdom he was taking care of everything as he learned the law. Also the king was also happy and surprised that how suddenly the tiger was changed into a wise man, on the other side the wolf prince was worried because nobody was admiring him and now nobody was impressed with him and nobody taking any suggestion from him .

The king from other kingdom also heard this news about the tiger and he again came to visit into the Palace and asked for marry the prince tiger to the princess maria.
prince wolf was very sad that all of a sudden How everything was changed the princess 👸 was also impressed with the tiger now and she was also ready to marry him but when they all were gathered into the palace .then  the prince 🤴 tiger announces it that I will not marry with this princess I am only interested to serve my people and I will not be the king. I will serve this kingdom in #assistance with my brother as he is the elder one so he deserve to be the king and princess will marry with his brother as he loves her, because of his decision the king was very happy because he knew that the  prince wolf 🤴was actually in love with the princess .
everyone has admired the decision of the prince tiger .the prince Wolf  became the king of the kingdom but he used to ask for everything from the prince tiger.

 one day Prince Tigger was in the library with the Toko suddenly that green light was reappeared and their souls has been exchanged now the prince tiger was the real Prince tiger.  he said to the Toko that I am very thankful that you have changed my life now the tiger was not a silly prince and he and Toko were not the master and pet but now they were the best friend with each other and the prince tiger learned this lesson that it is the confidence that make everyone perfect. Nobody should care about this that What people think about them. Everyone should explore their quality, inside and should work on them. Confidence is the best key for the success in the life. Nobody can beat you when you are confident .
everybody will take the advantage of your kind nature but never ever let you down. Be kind to everyone who is kind to you but if someone is rude to you and ignoring you , you should also ignore them. This was the lesson that prince 🤴 tiger learnt from the toko and live a very successful life ahead. The king and queen were so much proud of the prince 🤴 tiger.

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