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Her wishes

3rd May 2024 | 4 Views

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Her wishes, are the dreams of her hold and tied into the stripping pole, and that mascular god, having the most seductive physique. Tickled his body behind her, as he teases her caramel skin with soft kisses. 

She exhale faster than ever, and as he trouble the button of her thong. Making her moan sweet sounds. So melodious to the ear of the god, slowly he flop below her, with the thong down. Spreading her thighs wide. 

‘I’m going to teach you a lesson’. He said. ‘okay daddy’. She moan back at him. She felt like a jelly fish moment his slippery tongue was placed between her thighs. Gently he swim over it and to her brain is about to explode. It my wishes to have this great pleasure come through. Make me feel once more like a woman and a man whom is strong enough to take me down there. I be his goddess and his is dominant over me as my god. Hang me over on the wall and his great world felt inside me. I wish that be my reality, in him I want to be, his seeds I desired in my garden, which I will bear him the fruits. And my wishes are of the dream I imagined.

Jasper Gate



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