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Lookism Chapter 500 (English) Release Date & Where to Read

4th May 2024 | 164 Views

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The latest chapter of Lookism manhwa series, lookism chapter 499 is a very heart breaking chapter. Fan’s favorite characters, Seongji Yuk and Sujin Kim both died, and Seongji Yuk’s death is so unfair. He killed himself because of the crime which he never committed. In this chapter we also found out the relationship between Seongji Yuk and Mujin Jin, and how they met. There are still so many mysteries which are yet to be unsolved.

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Lookism chapter 499 starts with the panel where Vin Jin misunderstood the whole incident and then we all know what happened, he took Sujin from there and tried to save her but it was too late. Then Seongji Yuk took his life in the ocean, but there are still some mysteries left around his death, which will be unveiled in the future. Vin Jin now feels so guilty, because both of them (Sujin Kim & Seongji Yuk) died. But in the end everyone found out the truth about the real culprit behind this. But the worst part is the Villagers still believe Taejin Cheon.

Lookism chapter 499 is an important chapter of this current arc, but the chapter feels like little bit short, overall this chapter is a good & major chapter. There are still so many mysteries left around Mujin Jin‘s disappearance and his relationship with Shinmyung Cheon and Sujin Kim. These mysteries will be unveiled in the future chapters for sure. The ending of lookism chapter – 499 was completely shocking, the arrival of Goo Kim is so unexpected. Readers are so hyped for the next chapter of lookism. The next chapter, lookism chapter 500 is officially scheduled to release on Thursday, 9th May, 2024.

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When will Lookism Chapter 500 be released? 

Popular Webtoon series, Lookism chapter 500 will be released officially on Thursday, May 9, 2024. This chapter is going to be more exciting than the previous chapter, and it’s definitely gonna be fully action packed.

Where can I read Lookism Chapter 500 in english?

The Lookism manhwa series is a very popular Naver (Naver Comics) webtoon series, and it’s officially available on the Naver Comics and it’s other partnered sites. You can read this upcoming chapter, lookism chapter 500 officially on the Naver Comics platform. The official english version of this series is available on the Webtoons (Naver Webtoons English) platform. So, this chapter’s official english translation version, lookism chapter 500 in english will be available on the Naver Webtoons (english) platform in future.

Lookism Manhwa Chapter – 500

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  • Manhwa/manga/ webtoon name: Lookism 
  • Alternative names: 外見至上主義, 외모지상주의, 外貌至上主義, 看臉時代, Лукизм, Дискриминация по внешности, ลุกคิซึม, Apari3ncias, Görünüşçülük, 看脸时代
  • Author: Park Tae Jun 
  • Artist: Park Tae Jun 
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural, Comedy, Shounen, Mainstream 
  • Serialisation: Naver, Naver Webtoons
  • Rating: 9.7/10
  • Next chapter/ Upcoming Chapter: Chapter – 500
  • Release date: Thursday, May – 09, 2024

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