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Critique Music for Money: Slice the Pie

3rd May 2024 | 2 Views

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Slice the Pie is a review site with a fun premise. You sign up, select your music genres, and start reviewing music. Payout is on the scant side, and according to other reviews, illusive. Falling into the category of a micro job, you can expect a pay between 2 and 20 cents per review. Not bad for listening to 90 seconds of audio and writing your honest opinion, right? 

Well, as with anything that is pure online in nature, there are worms in the woodwork. 

-Payout is via PayPal (micro job sites normally offer at least two payment options)

-Payment threshold of $10 applies (at a rate of 2 cents per review, you’ll take a while to work up to that $10)

-Only available for American and Canadian citizens. The site is geo-blocked for anyone else! (VPN works to get you signed up, but their system soon detects this and limits your access to the account) 

-User reviews point to questionable account closures

What Slice the Pie got right

-Easy to sign up and start reviewing

-Affiliate program and the link comes standard with each account

-System can’t be spoofed by VPN

-Wide variety of music samples to enjoy

My inner journalist awakens whenever geo-blocked content pops up. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no honorable “the people have a right to know’ mantra that drives my crude need to test things. Having discovered the joys of a VPN and having encountered Slice the Pie in most of my searches, I decided to test the power of access the VPN gods bestowed upon me. 

Setting my location to Montreal, Canada, I proceeded to successfully sign up and review music on Slice the Pie. My star rating was up to 4 stars (out of 5) and I made $2.00. Not bad for a few minutes of work. I wrote my music critiques in a certain way, which got me up to 4 stars pretty quickly. Your star rating impacts your earnings. When I reviewed a song, I made sure to mention what I thought of the following:

-the lyrics

-pace of the song (was it too fast or slow)

-the singer’s voice (did they sound off-key?)

-overall impression of the song

Gleefully, I thought: “The VPN works!” 

When next I signed in, my location was still set as Montreal, Canada, the good people from Slice the Pie detected that I was using a VPN. As a result, my account and all my earnings were lost. The screen I saw is the screenshot I shared at the top of this post. Lesson learned! VPN is not the magic key to open all doors, it seems. Well, at least for a NOOB. There may be other creative ways to successfully spoof a location that Slice the Pie will not detect, but my computer knowledge would be too limited for that. Still, I needed to know what their customer support was like. 

Emailing support that my account was blocked, I was pleasantly surprised to find that support was responsive, friendly, and helpful! 

I get the notion behind geo-blocking and understand the usage of it to limit a workforce, or to gather market insight from specific regions. I’m not against it, but out of pure facetiousness, I need to ask: Did the people behind Slice the Pie not realize the rest of the world likes music too? I really hope this concept as a work from hope option catches on in other countries too. Heck, they won’t even have to adjust the pay rate. Just keep it in dollars, and freelancers hoping to take advantage of the exchange rate could make this worth their while. Just an opinion for the void. Back to Slice the Pie. 

What Slice the Pie Reviewers Say:

(From the comments at SurveyPolice): 

“The premise is fun. You can review products from an array of categories. Your reviews earn a monetary reward based on your reviewer ranking. I plugged away at this site for a few months and when it finally came time to cash out I couldn’t because the site claimed my birth date was not matching what my account had on file. I thought this was strange, because I have no reason to falsify my date of birth. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t match up. I emailed the site team for assistance and they asked that I send them my ID for verification. Excessive, but whatever. I just want my $10. Shortly after, my account was terminated with the following error message “Your account has been locked because you have been accessing the site through a proxy server which has demonstrated fraudulent activity.” I do not use a proxy service for any reason. I have never attempted to cheat while using this, or any, survey site. I’m confused, angry, and absolutely disappointed in SliceThePie.”

“Oh ! Absolutely this site is scandalous. Just 10 minutes ago I was on the lovely slicethepie and I was happily working away getting so close to my $10 payout. When lo and behold ! All of a sudden I get a notice saying my account is shut down. Closed because I rated too many 10’s. I will never get paid for the work i did for them reviewing and they keep my reviews for free. I was penalized for giving honest reviews.DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE they ripped me off of all my efforts and good trust.”

“I don’t mind this site but the pay out is only about 4 cents per music review and the review needs to be fairly long. Not my favorite site so far.”

Overall Impression: Use With Caution 

While my short-lived experience with Slice the Pie was a blast, the number of complaints out there about unfair and sudden account closures is worrying. 

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