The miser in the bushes 🌵🌵👀

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotOnce upon a time there was a very hard-working farmer who used to work for a country man that was very cunning and the rude person that country man took the day and night work from him and keep on commanding him for the various #chores but he never paid for his hard work.

The farmer was much in #miserable condition  because used to work hard but it seems to him useless .
one day he decided to meet the #countryman and asked him to give him the money for his work .
the countryman started to laugh and said

what do you mean by that? do you ask me to give you pennies for your work ?where have you listened ,that fieldworker should be paid?”
I give you two time meal and #shelter for your living and you know this is much #costly nowadays so you should thankful to me that I give you all these comforts .
 the poor farmer  said nothing and went back to the field to do his work .month has been passing very quickly and the farmer kept on thinking that I cannot do work like this I need money so that I can make a house of my own and marry a girl and live a happy life.  by doing this hard work I can only get the two time meal and nothing more .
so finally he went again to the countrymen to talk about his earning. the countrymen thought the farmer will not face him again but he was surprised that the farmer was again standing in front of him  then he thought he will never go without getting money so he put three coins on his hand and said okay take this money. I think this is enough for you.
the farmer said do you  that this money will be enough for my life I cannot work like this. I’m leaving this job .he turned  around and never looked back.

He thought  to go to the city to try his luck .one day during his journey. He passed through a jungle and he Heard a voice behind the bushes .someone was seemed to be in pain and crying. He went near to him and asked what happened to you brother? can I help you for that .
suddenly a short heightened man appeared in front of him and said “I have nothing left that you can steal from me .” 
the farmer said why would I steal from you, then that #Dwarf said someone Has stolen my pocket money that I earned from my trading I have nothing left with me so that I can go back to my home.
The farmer moved forward his hand which has three pennies in it that he got from the countrymen .the dwarfman said if I will get this money, what do you will do? You also seem to me poor .
the farmer said don’t worry about me. I am believe one day I will earn more by my work hard but you are too old and you are crying so much. I think you need this money more than me. 
 The dwarf said I was waiting for a man, like you then suddenly dwarf started flying above the land he has #wings .he said to the farmer that I am an angel and it is my duty to find the kind people like you and to help them. now ask me for the three wishes I will fulfil your wishes and this is your reward .
the poor man got happy and he said really will you fulfil my wishes? He said yes ask me and use wishes wisely .
then farmer said” I need a bow and arrow and a violin 🎻 so that i will play it and entertain the people and will earn the money and I want that whatever I said to anyone he will never refuse to me “.
the angel said be happy your all wishes have been granted and he has given him the both arrow and the violin 🎻 and he disappeared .

now the farmer took these things and moved forward at some distance he saw a very  rich man  with a very costly costume and he was throwing stones on the tree  .
the farmer asked sir can I ask you why you are hitting the tree ?that man looked towards him in anger and said you foolish man? I am not hitting the tree. I want to get that flower that is high above on the branch of the tree, this is a very #precious flower and it grows once in a year and I wanted that flower 🌺 .
the farmer said can I help you for that? That man said yes if you can help me then I Will reward you with hundred coins.
The farmer set his arrow and threw it over the top of the tree and it hit the flower and the flower came down and the farmer caught it .then farmer said to the man now give me my money so I will give you this flower to you that man said okay I am giving you the money but first you have to give me the flower 🌺.he showed him a pocketful of coins and said I will give you this pocket but first you have to give me that .
this man was very famous because  of his #miser nature .he was a very rude man. He always got help from the people to do his work but he never ever paid anyone.
 The farmer was very kind and he didn’t knew about this nature of this man. he trusted him and gave him the flower when he holded the flower in his hand he started running away.

The farmer couldn’t understand what happened. He started to play his violin 🎻 when he played his violin every tree was dancing and that miser man also started to dance at a distance. he was dancing so much he wanted to stop him but he couldn’t.The farmer kept on playing the violin 🎻 and came near to the miser man.  
The man said please stop your 🎻 . I am very tired to dance, he hid himself into the bushes as because of dancing 🕺 all of his clothes were torn and he has to hide himself behind the bushes.
the farmer said okay I will stop my violin 🎻 but first you have to give me my money as I have got the flower for you . 
The man said okay, you can pick this pocket of money , that was thrown at a distance during his dance. The farmer took that money and stopped the violin 🎻.

soon this news was spread in the city that miser man has given five hundred coin to a man who worked for him and he is no more miser now.  
Miser man wanted  to give a lesson to this farmer .he went to the court and complained against the farmer and told the judge that a man with a violin 🎻 and bow  with  arrow  has robbed his money 💰.the judge then asked to arrest the Farmer and finally the farmer was arrested as he has the violin and the  arrow with him .
when he came inside the court. The Miser man repeated his complaint against him. The farmer to the judge my Lord this man is telling a lie. I didn’t rob him but I got my money from him. He promised to give me that, as I have given him the precious 🌺 from the top of the tree,🌴.
The judge said that this miser man oh ! Sorry this gentleman is telling that you took  money from me forcefully .
as the farmer has no #evidence to save his life. The judge ordered to give him the punishment and ask the men to keep him in jail for five years .
the farmer said to the judge my Lord can you fulfil my last Wish?.
 the judge said yes tell me what you want. I will fulfil it. I want to play my 🎻 violin said farmer.

no my Lord you not allowed him to play the violin this is not last wish as he is not getting , a lifetime punishment he will be free after five years, said the miser man.
but the judge said there is no harm to fulfil his #Innocent wish .  
the farmer knew that the judge will never refuse him because this was his third wish that Angel has full filled ,that judge cannot refuse him for whatever he has asked to him.
then Miser was very worried. He asked the soldier to hold him as he knew the farmer will play the violin 🎻 he will start dancing uncontrollably .

the farmer has started to play the violin. Everyone in the court has started to dance and then the judge was dancing and he was laughing that what is happening.  
The miser man said my Lord asked this man to stop the 🎻 violin. This is a magical violin and this man seems to me a wizard  .
the farmer said I will stop but first you have to admit that you are telling a lie and money is mine. I have not stolen it from You .
the miser man said okay okay I admit that you have not stolen my money, but actually, I promised to give you that money .

when he has admitted then Judge said as this miser man has admitted his crime of lying so I punish him that he will distribute his all the money to the people he used to get work and never paid them and also used to give his property to all the poor man .
that miserman got the punishment and he has given all his money, to the people and he was left with nothing so he started working in the field .
while the farmer was released and used to help the people and also he started working into the field but now this time these fields were belonged to him because he got the money by helping people in hunting and entertaining them by playing his violin 🎻 he has his own house and he got married and lived happily ever after .

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