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Invasive Termite


3rd May 2024 | 8 Views

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Other day one of my student Kaku said” madam we are sick of #termite bills present in our out house.They have made their mold  on all old #furniture stored in my out house.”

I said “because of rise in #temperature and change of #climate these termite grow very fast and do destruction on wooden furniture of house.”

Kaku said”madam question is how come termites which are suppose to be associated with #tropical climates find their way into cities which are not suited to their natural habitat.”

I said”answer to your question is our #modern world life style. It is interconnected and #wooden furniture is main link for same.When wooden furniture  is transported from one place to another these transportation  gives good pathways to growth of silent termites.Termite queens and kings are attracted by light ,factor very prominent in urban life style ,and they initiate reproduction and therefore help in spread of #termite colonies.Research also point out that termites get more #hunger with rise of temperature.”

Kaku said “Madam due to climate change termites are moving to those areas of world where they were never present before.They are accelerating eating of #wood present in those areas.Like cow, termite also release methane and CO2 and hence there is increase in #CO2 fingerprint in environment.Therefore termites has contribution in #climate change.How much termites contribute to climate change is subject of further research.”

I  said”There are many connecting variables like trade ,transport,population density in urban cities which help in producing #termite population.Therefore there is# invasion of termites in urban houses.”

I further said”10 percent of termites are beneficial also to environment.They have capacity to convert #cellulose into substances which can recycle in ecosystem.Hence there is economics importance to termite also.When termite transport organic substance into their shelter they #enrich surrounding soil”.

I am listing below simple steps to be taken to avoid termite  attack at home.

1.best is to get rid of #moisture in home.

2.If environment is humid best is to keep #urniture of house  in Sun,whenever available.

3.Remove #wood to soil contact as far possible.

Moral-to prevent Invasion of termites at our homes it is high time  we should keep watch  Termites 3367350 640

about signs of termite presence at home and if need arise should take help of AI  App or experts and chalk out plan to prevent these termites entering our houses.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK




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