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Fading into Silence

1st May 2024 | 6 Views

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In the quiet corners where shadows lie,
I watch the world with an unblinking eye.
Life’s vibrant hues, once vivid and bright,
Fade into whispers of the silent night.

The dance of time, an endless parade,
With each step forward, a memory frayed.
In the ebb and flow of the passing years,
I am but a witness to joys and tears.

For I have shed the cloak of desire,
And cast away the flames of fire.
No longer bound by passion’s embrace,
I drift in the stillness, a solitary space.

I see the seasons change their attire,
As nature weaves her tapestry of fire.
Leaves that once danced in the autumn breeze,
Now crumble to dust beneath the trees.

And as the stars paint the canvas of the sky,
I ponder the meaning of goodbye.
For in this world of constant decay,
I find solace in the beauty of the disarray.

So let the rivers flow and the mountains rise,
Let the sun sink low beneath the skies.
For in the silence of this timeless rhyme,
I find peace in the rhythm of the passing of time.

Samisha Pant



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