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Echoes of Love’s Last Lament


1st May 2024 | 1 Views

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In shadows cast by love’s betraying light,
She lies, a rose untimely doomed to wilt,
Yet in her heart, no harbored anger’s spilt,
But grace, like stars that flicker through the night.

For though his kiss was sweet, his vows untrue,
Her love, a flame unquenched by his deceit,
Still burns, in quiet agony, complete,
Yearning for his touch, her soul’s adieu.

With fading breath, she whispers soft and low,
Forgiveness wrapped in sorrow’s gentle plea,
No bitterness, no anger does she show,
Just longing for his warmth, one final spree.

Though love’s cruel twist has brought her to her end,
She finds in him the solace of a friend.

Samisha Pant



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