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One Meet

1st May 2024 | 4 Views

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Hot summer season, and heat waves hit the atmosphere sharply making the wind of Bhubaneswar extremely hot. Classrooms, lab rooms all are burning, despite those spaces where ACs are placed. Asha has just completed her lab and started to walk on the way of hostel. She took out her phone to see any notifications or messages and saw a whatsapp message from Arjun (one of her batch mate and a guy who likes her heartily) which was a reply of her earlier message.

As she was stepping slowly towards the hostel, she saw Arjun was coming from the front. She greet him with a little smile but could not feel the moment as she was already exhausted by spending whole day classes and labs.

Arjun, instead of sitting in a corner and talk, asked her to have a round in the campus and gossip, to which Asha agreed immediately. They talked about this that but failed to talk on their emotions which Arjun desperately wanted to talk. 

There was more silence than actual talks. Both wanted to share their respective thoughts but not a single word came out of their mouth. A deep silence was whispering between them, cherishing the affection for each other and this beautiful moment was captured by the eternal time.

As the silence continued, they realised that there was nothing that they could share in words. And finally, they bid ‘goodbye’ to each other and went on to their respective way to the hostel.


Mousumi Nath



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